The Fall and Rise of Fighting Games

When I was in middle school, after class I would head straight to this dingy local liquor store. It had outdated merchandise, cruddy floors, and sold single cigarettes. In fact, the only attraction this place really had for a kid like myself was a brand new arcade game that all the students would surround everyday and pump a ton of quarters into. That game was called Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. Released in 1991, it was an instant hit with gaming fans and game critics alike. With its popularity came a large number of imitators trying to cash in on its success. Eventually the fan base grew tired of the countless upgrades to their favorite game Street Fighter 2, as well as a saturated fighting game market that had ran out of new ideas. By the end of the 90’s only a few diehard fanatics were left to support the slowly fading genre. What happened to the once mighty fighting game craze that had so many followers?

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