Sony Denies 3D While Resistance 3 Debuts at VGAs 2010

PSUni writes "This is the first episode for PlayStation University TV. As we previously mentioned in our complete redesign, Goolgey from YouTube will be taking on the responsibility of producing a weekly news show for PlayStation fans around the world."

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Xfanboy2874d ago

"Sony Denies 3D While Resistance 3 Debuts at VGAs 2010"
How dear they do this at the same time!!

actually I didn't read the article yet!! I just wanted to say that..

MonopolyRSV2874d ago

Theres nothing to read, it's just a long video im not trying to skip through to get to the relevent part. Fox your video. Shouldn't have approved this.


I wonder what is the other Exclusive to be revealed.

Hozi892874d ago

Ha! I almost got a job working for PSU. They got my hopes up saying I met all the requirements only to never reply the confirmation at the last minute. I don't know how good their source is but I'd like to see it.

Also, I hope this isn't true about pulling the whole 3D aspect out of our beloved games.