Gran Turismo 5 - Top Gear Stig lap video

Gamer Limit writes: "It’s been widely known that Gran Turismo 5 features the track of dreams; BBC’s Top Gear test track, famously renowned for testing the driving diligence of celebrities and, of course, the Stig.

With this in mind, I decided to put its authenticity to the test by compiling a recorded lap in a Ferrari 458 Italia coupled with Jeremy Clarkson’s commentary from the Stig’s televised lap in the same car. The result is what you see in the video above."

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PirateThom3288d ago

I hope they bring standing starts to the Top Gear track, rather than having to line up for a rolling start as it is now.

StartWars3288d ago

Yeah, it feels like having the license was a bit of a missed opportunity. No rolling starts, no Stig, lack of authentic camera angles and of course no reasonably priced cars.

It's still tremendous fun just to drive round it, however.

PirateThom3288d ago

The Stig is there, in "cutscene" form for about 3 seconds... but even the voiceover isn't Clarkson, Hammond or May. It really seems like a missed opportunity. Even the challenges lack "something" to make them Top Gear-esque.

STONEY43288d ago

I could have sworn I did a standing start during the British Lightweight Cup which takes place on the Top Gear track. I know definitely that the challenges and Arcade mode do rolling starts on Top Gear though. Which kinda sucks.

StartWars3288d ago

I meant as a playable driver. And yeah, the events don't really fit the Top Gear theme. VW camper van race at 50mph anyone?

PirateThom3288d ago

Shockingly, the Sambabus fits because it's ridiculous, but the lack of collisions kills it. Top Gear Challenges on the show aren't about fair, it's about over the top and stupid or speed trials, not... fair races in slow vans.

Equally, the Lotus challenge would have been better as a "beat the Stig" timed event rather than a "make up the places" challenge.

StartWars3288d ago

What's weird though is that early shots of the menu clearly showed an event entitled "Stig challenge" or something similar...

STONEY43288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Probably removed due to the Stig being an arse and revealing himself, thus BBC and Top Gear probably not wanting to have anything to do with him anymore.

Edit: That happened after the game went gold though. Too late to change anything.

TheDeadMetalhead3288d ago

It might still be in the game code, just can't be accessed.

StartWars3288d ago

If that was the case they would have removed his appearance entirely.

"Hysterically, some Stigs think they can write books!" :D

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poopoojames3288d ago ShowReplies(3)
gtsentry3288d ago

pshhh,i was doing this this morning....then i woke up

Burning_Finger3288d ago

Damn, Its like watching the top gear show on TV.

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The story is too old to be commented.