Kinect Piano

Piano Everywhere!

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whateva3287d ago

LOL that was pretty cool & funny

sdtarm3287d ago Show
ManGastaS3287d ago

Ahhh... kinect owned me, I surrender myself!!!

TheLastGuardian3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I'll stick to my Rock Band 3 keyboard.

@sdtarm Watch it, you don't want to get banned again do you?

deadreckoning6663287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

The Kinect vids that have been popping up lately are incredible.

LOL @ the disagrees. Haters love to hate.

@sdtarm- Thank you for proving my point.

-Alpha3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Indeed, there are a lot of creative possibilities with the product when applied correctly and it's something MS can tap into.

Not on N4G but on Youtube and around other sites the thing is getting a lot of attention for stuff like this.

Devs can really use the product to some interesting potentials here and they can be brave with it too. Considering MS's huge support for the product I can see that this thing can get some amazing support. Let's just hope we see more of stuff like this in the future and in actual software format.

RedDead3287d ago

It's showing that Kinect has plenty of potential for great games. I'm surprised, the amount of stuff it can do that was never intendedMS next advertisement" Wanna be a predator? We got that. Want a piano? Here you go."

3286d ago
CrzyFooL3287d ago

Kind of awesome actually.

Shadow Flare3287d ago

Combine that kinect piano with a move drumkit and you could have a pretty cool music setup. Wii could do the triangle or something.

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drsnobby3287d ago

I see DDR being reborn after this video. these hacks are becoming cooler by the day.

Mc Fadge3287d ago

But why! Why would you want to use DDR with Kinect when there's already a mat that is more responsive, has physical feedback, and is visible!

These apps are showing how Kinect COULD work, but very few have shown how Kinect can be advantageous in its application. No doubt this is a neat tech demo, and the guys who made it should be happy with creating such a cool toy. However, does this mean it should be used for DDR or "Piano Hero"? Not quite. There's too many issues as it currently stands, and there are options out there that are already better suited.

Lord_Doggington3287d ago

quaid, open your mind, quaid

Mc Fadge3287d ago

Not getting the reference?

tplarkin73287d ago

You can have a mat with Kinect, if you want.

oohWii3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@Mc fadge, we get it. It's burning inside of you and you can't help but hate. Continue until you feel better, sorry for the interuption.

Mc Fadge3287d ago

It just seems silly for something that requires such precise timing as DDR to be used with Kinect, same with any "___ Hero" games. I'm not "hating" (Christ I hate that, I guess, terminology), I'm simply trying to figure out what people really see in this tech while pointing out what I see. There are many other ways to implement what Kinect is doing here with 2D cameras, and with controllers, and with other periperals (mats, etc). I'm just saying, why would you want to use Kinect, when there are tried and true methods available, which also work arguably better than what's being demonstrated here.

Kinect does have uses, there's no doubt about it. However, it doesn't HAVE to be used. These are cool tech demos, showing how Kinect can be utilised in familar applications. It doesn't mean that Kinect is going to be the best option for it.

Mc Fadge3287d ago

To all the disagree-ers, that's great. Next time, tell me why, and I'll be sure to leave a reply.

Qui-Gon Jim3287d ago

I see what you're saying, and largely agree, but on the other hand, why do this with a separate accessory that would add to the cost of a game, when so many people will have Kinect? I do agree that most of these demos people are doing are useless, but perhaps they will spark ideas that are useful.

Genecalypse3287d ago

thata actually a really cool use for kinect

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The story is too old to be commented.