PS3 vs. 360 vs. Wii: Who's Really Winning the Console War?

It is not being fought with sofa cushions, but the battle for the living room is hotting up. The great white hope for consumer electronics manufacturers is that one day households will have just one box that fulfils all their entertainment needs. So far, no single frontrunner has emerged.

Rather, the current frontrunner is a rejection of the "one box" idea. Since its launch in December, Nintendo's Wii has leapt off the shelves at more than twice the rate of Microsoft's competing games console, the Xbox 360. Despite the 360's head start of a year, its total of 11m units shipped will soon be overtaken by the Wii. Sony's PS3 languishes in third, with less than 5m sold.

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razer4061d ago

Another quality MK_RED post.. NOT!

Takumi864061d ago



WHO's Winning - xbox , PS2 , GAMECUBE , Wii

PS3 or 360 ,Wii is not the same league as PS3 and 360

unsunghero284061d ago

If by that you mean "The Wii is the fastest selling console of all time and should be grouped with the bestselling titans like the NES or PS2."

Then yes, that's true.

Rooftrellen4061d ago

You seem to have a little something reversed.

I believe you mean the PS3 and 360 aren't in the same league as the Wii.

After all, combined, most of the time, the PS3 and 360 sales can't match Nintendo's production (and they sell all they produce).

fopums4061d ago

this will get ugly very quick O.o

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