GT5 Fun -- Leapfrog (

Fan made GT5 video showcasing the lighter side of stunts and physics in Gran Turismo 5.

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thereapersson3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Yeah, that was effin' hilarious. Anyone who finds this video offensive is either a) a fanboy, or b) hypersensitive (in that case, GTFO the internet).

You gotta admit though, the actual serious driving was pretty realistic in terms of grip and cornering!

UNCyrus3295d ago

This is my favorite GT 5 compilation yet

ShinMaster3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I tried this and failed for the most part. Although it was pretty fun.
My friend has a slower connection, so a bit of online lag helped too, haha xD

zireno3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Hey guys, just a quick question, is the bugatti veyron just a standard car? or is it premium too? I unlocked one by wining one of the races but it is a standard car, and Bugatti ins't on the dealerships menu, if it's just standard then it's a bummer because is the fastest street legal car in the world (correct me if I'm wrong)and it's amazing. So does anyone know if there's one premium?

Nice, a disagree for asking a question, at least have the balls to reply and say something.

Thegamer413295d ago

Its a standard car. i was gutted when i found out ;( unlocked it today myself.

Steve_03295d ago

Yep, Veyron's standard. Not a big deal for me, personally, but I can understand why it'd be popular. To me, it says a lot of good things about Polyphony and GT5 that the Fiat 500 is premium and Veyron's standard :D
I'm more spiffed that they didn't include the SuperSport. Now that, I'd be interested in driving.

zireno3294d ago

thanks guys, it disappointed me that it's not a premium but oh well, it's not a big deal. thanks again and bubbs to both of you :).

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The story is too old to be commented.