Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza 3 with Mitsibishi HKS Lancer III Evo at Suzuka Circuit

Ve3tro writes: "We have our third look today between the differences of Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 with this time focusing on the Mitsibishi HKS Lancer III Evo at Suzuka Circuit track."

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cheetah3292d ago

Both beautiful looking games, however for the sake of the comparison Forza looks slower and to me Forza looks computer generated whereas GT5 is hard to distinguish from the real life.

blumatt3292d ago

Yeah, GT5 is a much better game. And that's not because it's a PS3 exclusive, but because it simply is the better game. If you want to put graphics and stuff all over your car, then I guess Forza 3 is your best bet.

acky13292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Nothing in it at all for me...they look so similar anyone whoever thinks GT5 beats forza "hands down" is lying...

Parapraxis3292d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That, or anybody who realizes GT5 beats Forza is no need of glasses. They can see GT5 wins clearly.

Been to the eye doctor lately acky1?

...lets not even mention the amount of content in GT5 compared to the lol "competition"

(I await disagrees, as 360-only trolls have nothing better to do than to troll GT5 articles in hopes that the game they can't play seems less impressive)

fr0sty3292d ago

GT5's car model looks far better, shading effects are better (though gt5's shadows can suck, the overall shading is still way better, which is why it's able to pull of that realistic effect vs. forza's more CG look), the interiors are hands down better, no question about that, and it does all of this with twice as many cars and at twice the resolution.

poopoojames3292d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

acky is hands down lying. Nothing that, or is no need of glasses makes perfect sense here...

@parapraxis - stop trolling

@acky - never!

acky13292d ago

@poopoo stop denying your love of GT5 and accept it is the best game ever!

L0G1C3291d ago

Take off the goggles. GT5 isn't "hard to distinguish from real life." Look at the jittery shadows. GT5 does look better when it comes to the car models and interior, but it isn't jaw-dropping when you see the game in action. You can tell it's a game.

Sarcasm3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

So Forza looks flat, doesn't move realistic, has poor lighting, and has no gloss on the cars. Move along folks, nothing to see here but more GT5 domination in realism.

SaberEdge3291d ago

Anybody acting like there is some kind of big difference between them is lying, plain and simple.

Bathyj3291d ago

The Xbox crowd thinks GT and Forza look the same from watching crappy youtube videos.

Anyone who has them both says GT clearly looks better. Its not even debateable, if you just except it these people who like getting a rise out of you will stop rubbing it in and we can all go on with our lives.

mrcash3291d ago

its close GT has better lighting but its very close. Both have great visuals.

MerkinMax3291d ago

All the text in the dashboard items like the speedometer is slightly blurry. In Forza the text is considerably clearer. I own both and play both so don't think that I can't pass real judgment when it comes to these types of things.

ambientFLIER3291d ago


"and it does all of this with twice as many cars and at twice the resolution."

Forza: 1280x720 = 921,600 pixels

GT5 : 1280x1080 = 1,382,400 pixels.

Seems like somebody likes to exaggerate to make a point.

ChineseDemocracy3291d ago

I kinda wanna see a standard GT5 car vs. the Forza counterpart.

SasanovaS19873291d ago

fix ur eyes acky, then speak

ThanatosDMC3291d ago

The GT5 video looked terrible. Why is it so low res when there's tons of videos that looks so much better. Even if you change the settings to 720p. Seriously, they need to upload a better video of GT5 cuz the quality of this particular video was terrible but the comparison is just fine.

JohnnyBadfinger3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Fanboyism wins hands down on this topic.

Please dont go saying GT5 is as good as real life... because it makes you all look so sad... there is a world outside your homes.

I have never heard anyone outside standing near traffic saying "WOW! this looks like Gran Turismo!"

However since i have never been a fan of Forza I personally believe and know GT5 is better in all regards. My mate should be picking it up friday... so i have already freed up my weekend... "sorry babes, its GT, you understand..."

But apart from the road colours and textures from the vid... i think forza wins with the prettier enviroments.

GT sounds better too...

Millah3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Its funny how the stupid people who don't know anything about racing in real life or in video games like to say that GT5 "feels slow" blah blah.

This video shows just how much faster and more realistic the sense of speed is in GT5. And even the subtle things too, like when you're going 140 mph and the car gets a little bumpy and shakes a little. GT5s cockpit was shaky at 100+ while in Forza the cockpit was just as settled going 140mph as it was going 20 mph.

But then again, people like me who actually OWN and have played the hell out of both games don't know what we're talking about. WE'RE the fanboys, yet the people who only own Forza and have never touched GT5 in their life, try to claim they both look the same and somehow they're not the fanboys?

Right. I love Forza, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it and spent 100+ hours playing it. But trying to downplay GT5 is just plain ignorant.

ManGastaS3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Forza wins hands down!!!

ManGastaS3291d ago

Forza wins hands down!!!

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NiiGhTx3292d ago

Just face it. GT5 is better.

Bathyj3291d ago

Well not painting cars or rewinding bad driving, no ones saying that.

Just the stuff that matters.

morganfell3291d ago


That is a fact. The US Topgear had a piece on the Lancer on their second show. Tanner Foust raced it down a mountain on pavement, gravel, and deep snow against two skiers. That piece was informative and funny as hell.

evilunklebud3291d ago

I guess it is 1.5 years newer than F3... is that how it is better?

Certainly its meta score says otherwise. Even N4G (With a SLIGHT PS3 bias) critical weighted average is lower than F3.

I had Prologue and thought it was OK.... good, not great. I made it 3/4 of the way through F3.

Is this "GT5 kills F3" just fanboy-ism, or am I missing some nuance of GT5?? Or is n4g just so polarized that you must reflexively hate the other platform and anything on it?

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40cal3291d ago

GT5 has just been straight laying down some ass whippings all week in these videos.

Also, I love my 2010 AMG Gullwing. The car is perfect for me.

STONEY43291d ago

Keep in mind guys that Forza 3 swaps car models, changes lighting, and increases texture resolution during replays. In other words, it looks even worse than that during gameplay.

Sunny_D3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )


GT5 keeps the same car and lighting. So, however you see the car, is what you get in the replays and gameplay. Forza doesn't. AT MOST, GT adds special effects such as heat wave, depth of field to make the scenery a bit better as well as any AA that might be needed.

Also, at Kaveti. Forza 3 has 400 cars not 500. Unless, Turn 10 are raping the consumers and making them buy packs to download and make you spend more money...

Kleptic3291d ago

GT5, like prologue, runs replays at 30fps instead of 60fps...and adds a few effects that simply wouldn't be noticeable during gameplay...Car models and track details are the same...

I've never seen it confirmed, but the videos illustrating it more or less prove it...Forza 3 almost rerenders the entire race for replay playback, using different car models, and an enhanced lighting engine that is not seen during gameplay...

I'm not saying either is overall 'better' in this regard...its just two different developers doing different things to balance the visuals...

we can argue about it all we want...GT5 did fall a little short of expectations...when you are comparing standard cars and a lot of the tracks in the game to Forza 3...there is very little difference between the two overall...they definitely look different, but neither blows the other away...

but when Gt5 is running london with premium other racing game touches it arguing that...its just kind of pointless because GT5 only looks flawless in certain almost every review pointed out; and that is overall the biggest drawback of the game for most...

I'm just waiting to see what PD does support wise for GT5...the standard vs. premium car thing is a nightmare, and the front end definitely needs some massaging...If they start increasing the amount of premium cars (by replacing standard car models with premium ones, no one is worried about 'new' cars right now)...the visual differences within the game can quickly change for the better...but being a predominantly Japanese game, thats pretty the Japanese still struggle with the idea of anything 'online'...

TK4213291d ago

Forza's car shaders make them look like they are made of plastic. GT5 gets mistaken for real life from time to time.

DigitalAnalog3291d ago

And you can clearly see why GT's version took 6 months.

-End of Line

thewhoopimen3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Again, there is a HUGE differenc in sound support and quality. Listen to the cockpit engine revs and the drive bys. Forza 3 t seems to be recorded away from the hood whether in third person drive or cockpit.. GT5 literally sounds like it was recorded inside the cockpit right in the seas. Listen to the tire squeals, cornering, runing over dividers, bumps braking. Forza3 sounds completely flat next to gt5. That is handsdown win in the sound department if there ever was.

In third person mode replays, GT5's car engine spits, yowls, grates, echoes against the concrete walls. Forza 3 is like one flat recording, louder when it's closer, softer when its far away but no transitionary sounds at all. It's like Turn Ten did one authentic recording in a garage and that was it.

Stop the denial. It is plain as day that Polyphony Digital did their homework over Turn Ten.

thewhoopimen3291d ago

@disagrees: isolate the audio channels and tell me i'm lying. Ridiculous xbots.

moparful993291d ago

I don't know if you noticed but in the gt5 video you could hear the tubo spooling up and then when you lift off the accelerator you can clearly hear the blow off valve : ) Car porn at it's finest!

Kleptic3291d ago

I could hear that, but couldn't tell which game it was coming from...mono-laptop speakers aren't helping, work sucks...

I truly hope Forza 3 has at least sound effects like that were introduced in Gt2 over 10 years ago...

MNicholas3291d ago

The only 360 game that comes close to matching the real-time dynamic visuals of GT5 is PGR4. However, PGR4 runs at 1/3rd the resolution (rendered resolution = vertical resolution x horizontal resolution x fps).

Lykon3291d ago

Jesus wept. are we gonna have to go through this for every single fucking car that both these games have in common? can we limit it to less than 100 comparison articles for this game please. so some real news can filter through.

Thegamer413291d ago

You cant see the real difference until you play them both on your own TV. Youtube videos would not show the detail both games have. From my experience after playing both, there is a big difference in grapics, GT5 is far better (even though the shadows suck on some tracks).

zhuk is god3291d ago

Sorry but I said before and I said now This is a like a kill zone video: a mix of high resolution and low resolution textures for trick the human eye (PS fanboys here), don't be silly this game stink very hard. the evidence it's in front my eyes.

The only plus than I give its the Light its more natural in GT 5 buy at cost Of what? 2d trees and people? less horizon? blurry shadows?

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Graphics3292d ago

so the comparisons are never going to end... GT5 look million times better I already made a comparison myself by actually owning both games.

Szarky3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

It's THAT much better? A million times? Do me a favor and ask your non-gamer parents/friends to have a look at any one of these videos. I bet you they'll say they look pretty much the same. I can't take people seriously on this site that say one looks WAY better than the other, I mean come on is it really that much better? I'm seriously curious, I only have GT5, never seen F3 on a big screen.

Graphics3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Yes, I actually compared them in my house with my T.V and had them both connected and saw. You in the other hand is going by a video that doesn't even capture the true quality of each game.... Now that, makes no sense to me...

karl3291d ago

my non gamers parents and friends

would tell me that a dvd looks exactly the same as a bluray..

no kidding...

Szarky3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Graphics, do me a favor, go and do the same comparison on your tv and ask your girlfriend/parents/dog/cat (anyone that's a non-gamer) their opinion on the graphics in F3 vs GT5. I don't trust your opinion (don't take it personally I just think gamers are biased and a little crazy, myself included). Then please come back and post your results.

@karl: good point. Just trying to prove that the difference isn't night/day like A LOT of crazy people on this site make it out.

never_waste_a_bullet3291d ago

i feel bad for you, apparently you've never heard of an expression..

karl3291d ago

while forza3 looks like a really good looking videogame
GT5 could easily be confused with real life...

its a really big difference..

and with the hole dvd bluray thing..
i meant to say that gt5 has sooo many more details than forza.. but u wont see them just watching ... u need to look closer

forza depends to much on textures while GT5 has many details on actual polygons....

if u are really interested in see the difference..
buy both.. and take a closer look.. its really big

u just need to pay attention.. just like with bluray and dvd..
blu ray looks much better.. but if u start paying attention ull see thats even better than u thought

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cyguration3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I'm a huge Forza fan but I will admit GT5 looks better in the overall package. The shading, interior and reaction of the vehicle is just better in the overall package.

But graphics doesn't mean everything and GT5 DOES NOT look a million times better. That's fanboy talk right there.

Why is it so hard for people to be fair and honest about games these days?

EDIT: Besides, a million times better is comparing GT5 to that's a million times better, literally.

RememberThe3573291d ago

I wouldn't call it fanboy talk. He was just using it as a figure of speech to stress his point.

Personally, I don't really care if it looks better or not, because it feels so much better. The cars actually feel like cars. The physics are dreamy in GT5.

hoops3291d ago

The difference between these two games graphics wise is not as big as some people want to think or chant on these sites.
GT5 does indeed look better, however its not miles and above Forza 3.
If people want to think it is, go with God with that.

Dacapn3291d ago

To keep things simple, there's one big visual difference: lighting.

Bathyj3291d ago

The first time I drove rally into a sunset, well, I dont know how I felt, but it sure was pretty.

Thinking back on it, I feel like writting poetry.

d3nworth13291d ago

GT5 does look more realistic but to say a million times better is exxaggerating a bit. A million times better is more like comparing GT5 to GT1.

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Ninver3292d ago

lol ps3 exclusives continue to destroy the competition while the extremists in denial continue to try and fool people into thinking otherwise.

SaberEdge3291d ago

I think it is people like you trying to do the fooling. I like both these games and claiming that one is way better than the other is just nonsense.

cheameup3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

jeses.arnt ther enough of these GT5/F3 comparisions already ?

cant we just get on with our lives

LordStig3292d ago

no because the people who make these comparisons have no life.

mushroomwig3292d ago

The people who create these comparisons knows that it'll cause trouble between fanboys and advertising their site. Which is why they keep on creating them.

Burning_Finger3292d ago

Jeez, enough with this $#@T.

It's like comparing a ****ing turd(Forza3) to a gold (GT5).

FlyShootRaceSims3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I won't call GT gold. Gimp Turismo 5 is more fitting. It was shipped unfinished. 800 cars with GT4 graphics + no cockpit view. Cars slide down when stopped on a banked track, wtf is that! Believe it or not, Pro Race Driver from last gen will still put this garbage to shame. Pro Race
Driver had full mechanical, structural, and cosmetic damage; It had karting, BMW Formula cars, Australian V8's, DTM, BTCC, Rally, etc.; all the cars had cockpit views; Very superior physics compared to GT5; Interactive pit stop; Only real world tracks...none of that made up shit; Race flags.

Stop claiming the GT series as a sim. It's a semi-sim/car collection racer. IRacing,
GTR2 or any racers made my Simbin are of the few real Simulation racers. How about that!?