Dethroning Call of Duty

Can anyone dethrone Call of Duty? It's possible, but in order for the game to succeed it absolutely needs these elements.

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AKA3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

KILLZONE 3 has a lot potential to be the most popular Multiplayer Game in the PS3.

but i think SOCOM 4 will be the one to be the most popular Multiplayer Game, i know a lot of n4g users dont care about SOCOM but there is a reason why SOCOM is called SOCRACK, its very addictive and ZIPPER are doing a great job so far.

btw ZIPPER give us the information about SOCOM 4 MP and ''5players campaign ''
co op

PS-_-GAMER3295d ago

Only the milk can dethrone call of duty

mobijoker3295d ago

CoD can't be dethroned bcoz there are many people out there who just plays CoD and buy anything related to CoD for any amount of money.Its just like Final Fantasy,You release a game with the name final fantasy on it,it will sell like hotcakes and many people will think it as the greatest rpg ever.But the real thing is they play very few rpgs/fps a year and thus even if you give them a bad game,they will think it as the next big thing with their mole in the hole view of the world.

gcolley3295d ago

call of duty reign will come to an end, they all do. activision need to evolve that game fast, people do get sick of the same thing over and over. i bet the same people that play CoD also flock to movies like Transformers.

mobijoker3295d ago

Agreed!The problem is they are the majority now.