Worst XBLA Arcade Game? 2/10 & No "The Good" for Cyberball 2072

Cyberball 2072 is robotic football, in which giant machines attempt to score touchdowns while hopefully not blowing up. Of course, staying intact is a little harder than it sounds, given that the ball in Cyberball is a bomb. The 1989 release came in an interesting cabinet that actually contained two arcade machines in one case. Two linked monitors let four players play the game at once in two-on-two play. If you were into competitive arcade games back then, it was absolutely awesome. But after playing the butchered version that's been foisted on Xbox Live Arcade for five bucks, you'll probably wonder why anyone ever cared about such a dull game.

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MK_Red4059d ago

Wow, it is the first time GameSpot posts a review without "The Good" part above "The Bad". This time it's just the bad. Is the game really that bad?

tplarkin74059d ago

Cyberball was very fun in the arcades. It had 2 screens for a total of 4 people. The sound effects were cool, too.

ReBurn4059d ago

This game always did suck, in my opinion. I can understand why it didn't score well.

MK_Red4059d ago

Wii's Virtual Console has had worse retro games and yet most of them score more than this and had "The Good" part.
Is it really that awefull?

ReBurn4059d ago

I think that the difference is that many of the virtual console games that seem so bad were actually good games back in the day. I don't think that Cyberball was ever a good game. It was always slow and clunky to me.

ShiftyLookingCow4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

tried it yesteday, didnt even complete a single game before damning it to data annihilation

tomfoolery4059d ago

But there's a few golden nuggets in there.

Street fighter (without the 360 controller)
Golden Axe
Alien Homicide
and that new medeival game that begins with a 'C'

to name a few.

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