SFX 360: Nail’d Review

What Deep Silver gives us in Nail’d is a great reminder that not all racing games need to be simulation. That a little bit of fun and craziness can provide countless hours of fun. It’s an addicting arcade off-road racer with over the top jumps and massive amounts of speed. It doesn’t need back-flips, 360’s, or even a Superman Seat Grab but it honestly doesn’t matter. If you just want to race and land on top of people with your bike, for the price of $49.99 and the inclusion of free DLC with more tracks, modes, and vehicles; this is truly worth a chance.

This isn’t a great game as much as it’s a good one and is certainly worth a buy for those tired of simulations. There is a ton of potential here and for a budget title; you get what you pay for and then some. So go ahead and get Nail’d if you can.

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