New PGR4 Screenshots

Check out these new fabulous snaps of Bizarre's latest iteration of the Project Gotham racing franchise; PGR4 that ships this fall. Taken in the entertaining 'Photo Mode', they boast the spectacular weather dynamics and lighting that's sure to get the attention of most gamers.

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Meus Renaissance4061d ago

I know I upset a few people with my comments recently that I think GT Prologue looks better than this game from a visual stand point, but the more I see of PGR4 - the more gorgeous it looks. I can't wait to play this. Luckily, I'll have both of them :)

GodofPeace4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Have a different feel to them. The difference from this to GT is that GT has a more Photo realistic look and feel to it than PGR. PGR is a very good looking game but its not GT. You can see Dull graphics on the bumper and on the wheels as if they gave up on a car hafwaty. GT cars take a LONG time to do and you can see the difference because from top to bottom to the interior its sparkling good looking which is amazing. PGR great looking game but not GT.

Meus Renaissance4061d ago

That may be so, but I don't see any weather effects on Prologue currently. Or any effect for that matter. When I compare videos, one stands out visually and another stands out "fun". That's in my personal opinion ofcourse, I respect yours.

GodofPeace4061d ago

They are different games by core. One is for drivers that want a simulation while PGR is for an Arcade racers. Different games.

CrazzyMan4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

probably will play someday, unless GT will have better weather effects... =)
for now, these raindrops are not from rain, they are just textures(though they look really nice), if same will be on GT, then it`s probably a limit for this gen, but if GT will get real raindrops, then.. then let`s just wait and see. =)

anyway, both racing games are great and for feeling different experience. :)

power of Green 4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Stop talking out of your ass.

Top pics GT5-P and the bottom Forza 2.

The paint on that yellow car is candy something PS3 can't do very well.


BELOW, thats the point GT5-P on the track ingame gameplay graphics are not better than Forza 2's.

You're looking at the incar view consfusing how cool it is with graphics

Meus Renaissance4061d ago

That's not a very flattering comparison for Forza 2 there buddy. I never liked Forza, but I'll respect those who did but one thing you can't talk to me about Forza 2 is its graphics. PGR3 looked so much better, and the comparison with Prologue in that screenshot is just painful.

PS360PCROCKS4061d ago

Honestly Forza seems more "lifelike" and GT-P looks more like a video game

power of Green 4061d ago

Its strange that the topic is more about GT5 than PGR4, Guess I'm not helping.

iceice1234061d ago

I've got to go send these to Sonys PR so they can put them it GT 5 adds.

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The story is too old to be commented.