Live Stream Of Tron Evolution Tonight! (GameBlurb)

Every week the staff members of GameBlurb get together and put on a show for the viewers on upcoming games. We’ll answer questions, give our impressions and giving away plenty of GBPoints during the show. So join us tonight at 9:30pm EST as we will be checking out Tron Evolution.

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junk3d2877d ago

Here's to hoping that this game is good. Not a true to form movie game, so that's a start.

jaidek2877d ago

I played the light cycle level at E3 this past year and it was pretty neat. Gonna check out the stream tonight for sure.

liquidxtension2877d ago

Movie games usually suck but we will see tonight. =)

MicrocutsX22877d ago

Yeah totally agree with you there. I've seen the videos and it doesnt seem anything special. No matter, let's see if this can be a surprise hit.

PattHpapong2877d ago

Whoo hoo to another gameblub installment on justintv

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