Black Ops Cheaters & Boosters Stats Disappear

The community manager for Call of Duty: Black Ops has been spending quite a lot of time recently discussing cheaters and boosters in game. It all really started coming to the spotlight a little over a week ago when Treyarch posted the "Security and Enforcement Policy".

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lostinplace2878d ago

LOL, low life cheaters deserve this. Hopefully Treyarch follows through.

Half_Life_32878d ago

If it's just a glitch then patch it

ChrisW2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Glitch or not... cheaters are the reason why I haven't picked up Black Ops, yet.

Er... actually, it's because Steam doesn't allow me to purchase it because of regional restrictions. But the former holds precedence.

CrzyFooL2878d ago

take that ya friggin' cheats. Can't stand that BS. Just play the damn game!!

raWfodog2878d ago

I caught my son 'boosting' with a friend online the other night. I made him stop and told him that they would ban him from playing if they caught him doing that. I showed him the video on how they can see what you're doing. He's only 10 he didn't know how serious it was. I'll show him this article when I get home today :)

blumatt2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

It's good that they're taking care of the cheaters, but I'm done with this game. I'm trading it in for LBP2 next month. I'm done supporting crap developers like Activision. From now on, only quality games will be in my collection, game I have like Battlefield BC2, Uncharted 2, and GT5.
@ DirtyLary Yeah, I personally think Call of Duty's online has ran its course. It's the same every single game. And after four games this gen., they STILL haven't worked out all the kinks in online. It's ridiculous. There should be next to no lag by this point after all these years and after all the money they make on the games. I'm done supporting Activision. Yeah, I'll be getting KZ3, LBP2, Twisted Metal, The Last Guardian, and FF Versus 13 (if it comes out next year. Damn I hope it stays exclusive. lol).

DirtyLary2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I hear ya. I'm already back on BC2. I can only take so much of the same old rat maze maps, do circles around the map musical chair spawning. KZ3, Socom4, Gears3, and Twisted Metal can't come fast enough.

DirtyLary2878d ago

Lag is due to the netcode they added to the current engine after COD4.

"If you have ever been playing an online game and walked completely around a corner only to die when noone could possibly have shot you, it was likely do to lag compensation. With these systems the server stores a list of locations and where a player was at a particular time. Then when a player shoots on his client it sends the firing info and a timestamp to the server. So when the server receives this information it basically "rewinds" back to the point in time when the client fired and checks to see if the shot from some time in the past would hit the player back then. The problem with this system is, that depending upon players ping everyone playing the game has a different view of where the other players are at a particular time. This is why on your machine you could be behind a wall, but the player (who you may not even be able to see on your machine) who has a higher ping than you sees you where you were a short time ago and shoots and kills you. So this is why I think lag compensation sucks"

The_Claw2878d ago

"I'm done supporting crap developers like Activision"

you mean publishers? because treyarch are the developers

vickers5002878d ago

Thank you. Everybody here is much better off knowing how much you hate Call of Duty. Good thing you shared your opinion with us, otherwise I don't know what we would have done without it.

chilled2m2878d ago


lol, totally agree. Any time there's a post regarding call of duty, some douche will seize the opportunity to get on their soapbox and declare how bad Call of Duty is. Rather than us having to listen to their constant bitching, why don't they just steer clear of these types of articles?

radphil2878d ago


And someone asked for yours?

vickers5002878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


It didn't need to be asked for, but it needed to be conveyed to this person. Who really cares if he hates Call of Duty or not, honestly? His comment is completely and utterly worthless and provides nothing positive. You want to get pissed off about something and rant about it on the internet, then fine, but don't expect people to support your worthless rant.

Besides, if I were to go into ANY other popular game which the majority of N4G loved and claimed my hatred for the franchise, you and most everybody else here would wonder why I had to post a worthless comment (such as what blumatt did). I really don't see why 360 fanboys need to go into ps3 articles and bash the ps3, I really don't see why ps3 fanboys need to go into 360 articles and bash the 360, and I really don't understand why people who hate a game/franchise need to go into those articles and bash that game. There's no relevance in it and nothing can be gained from it.

radphil2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

"There's no relevance in it and nothing can be gained from it."

While I agree with that there's no relevance of him complaining here, complaining in general to companies or even doing action has shown results.

If people keep accepting crap that happens, they'll keep dishing it out, no questions asked.

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DirtyLary2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

It's incredible how people will spends hours just dieing over over to boost another players stats. The same player everyone knows is a booster and never respected on the leaderboard. Why even waste that time in the first place. Those names are just ignored as legit talent anyway. Maybe they like to rub one off seeing their name on the 1st page.

gman_moose2878d ago

Yup, hopefully. IW sure as hell never did. Hackers have taken the top 1000+ positions on the PS3 MW2 leaderboard for over a year now, and IW has done nothing, despite having the evidence right in front of them.

I applaud Treyarch's efforts (if they do in fact enforce their new rules) but I'm done with the COD franchise. Nothing about it excites me anymore.

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JLesinski2878d ago

Bout time they addressed this. Studios need to protect the integrity of their games better

yarbie10002878d ago

Half life this isn't a glitch - its a device that stops your opponents internet connection...not something that can be patched

distorted_reality2878d ago

There's a difference between glitching, cheating, and boosting.

A lag switch has nothing to do with boosting, you would think being part of a gaming website, the author of the video's would know the difference.

Either way, it's good to see Treyarch moving on this - although tbh I don't really have a problem with boosters. If someone wants to continually die to help a friend level up, that's their problem and it doesn't really effect anyone else.

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