IGN : "If You Want Bioshock on PS3, Send E-Mails to 2K"

In IGN´s latest Podcast Beyond, episode11 , they bring up 2K Game's Bioshock. On minute 43:57, IGN states:

"So if you guys want that to come to PS3 , I´d recommend sending emails to 2K , you definitely should , if you wanna see it , that´s how we got the limited edition."

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ktchong4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

it's more actually more useful to send emails to Microsoft and asks Microsoft to allow BioShock to go PS3 -- because Microsoft holds the exclusive contract to BioShock. Did you guys miss Levine's interview in which he confirms that Microsoft and 2K have an exclusive deal for BioShock?

cloud3604426d ago

Ps3 fans dont care about bioshocks.

We dont want it,. its an FPS game and shud be on an FPS console

_insane_cobra4426d ago

Agreed, people can send 2K emails for the rest of their lives, but if there's a contract like Irrational claims, it's useless.

THC CELL4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

x box fans should try this trick with mgs lol

then we can try with halo 3 and so on

u do this and in a few weeks we will see a post from 2k Ps3 fans beg for bioshock Syke hahah

siccstepsccs4426d ago

The game is overrated i have the game nuthing really special juss another shooter in my opinion

pacman6154426d ago

all you do is runaround shooting splicers and big daddy every now and then, i played the game for several hours , and didnt see any real bosses , those minigames with the pipes was more fun then the actual gameplay, just my 2 cents

razer4426d ago

This game has a thick and rich story, with the diary's, etc.. What were you expecting?? I would be curious to see how old you are because I think this game when over both of your heads..

MK_Red4426d ago

Overrated!????? This game is even a bit Underrated thanks to stupid sites like GameSpot.
BioShock is one of the best games of all time period. I suggest finishing the game and if you still have that to say then...

i Shank u4426d ago

gamers were playing one of the best single player games made since the NES days. does Dynasty Warriors Gundam look better to you then bioshock? that would explain alot....

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sonarus4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

yea thats why its a timed exclusive. And it will hit ps3 next yr. I already finished it on 360 so i could care less if it hits ps3 and trust me by the time it hits next yr on ps3 it will be relatively average.

paracardium4426d ago

I'll pass I don't want anything the xbox360 game has to offer.I'll be playing much better games real soon.

iceice1234426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

Or HS? Hmm, well neither are Triple A so have nothing to look forward to until MGS4 next year. Enjoy waiting b3yond.

More triple A than Bioshock? the game is not even triple A to begin with you twat. Sell twice as many? Are you kidding me? PS3 owners buy hardly any games. Please, Godess of war being more triple A than something new to a genre like Bioshock, go suck Sonys cok on the PS3 forums, they will see it there.

5.3, creative comment that really added to the discussion at hand, I like it.

MarioFromTexas4426d ago

How many times have you heard people buying a PS3 just to play Heavenly sword, but not once have I heard the same about bioshock. Heavenly sword is the better game and will sell twice as many copies and it's only on one platform. I can FPS reveiwers going crazy about bioshock, I played the demo and it's pretty good, but I also played heavenly sword and it's going to be a hugh game, system seller

d3l33t4426d ago

arn't you bored yet with bashin other consoles? Guess mommies net nanny wont let you D/L anymore pr0n

razer4426d ago

Spoken like a true non-gamer..

You would look past good games over brand loyalty is sorry.

Jdash244426d ago

are all fanboys as blind and ignorant as you? ps3 has nothing til mgs4?

heavenly sword, ratchet and clank, uncharted: drakes fortune, haze, ut3, not to mention all the multiplatform games Assassins Creed, COD4, GH3, Rock Band

so just please think before you type

SJL4804426d ago

You kinda walked in to all that. That just reinforces the whole wait and wait thing. Maybe you should come back in 08 then MAYBE you will have a valid point

Birdman184426d ago

Mario you are so full of it.. how is Heavenly Sword a better game in your opinion, when it hasnt even come out yet??? and no, you havent played it. stop lying to yourself. good try fanboy.. now i could understand if you said lair since its out now, but you are saying a game that no one here has played or even seen real game footage of, is better than a game thats been out for a few weeks, has sold well, and has gotten EXCELLENT reviews by EVERYONE!!! you are the epitome of the word "fanboy." And besides, your post is littered with bad grammar and misspelled words. how can anyone take your points seriously anyways??

xboxrumble4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

summing his post, it reads, something like this

"still waiting top play b3yond, in 6 years or so, at least thats what Kaz told me" he's my daddy and is good to me..always."

passing up a good game because of loyalty and nonsense, fake gamers, i tell ya, as well as fools.

reaperxciv4426d ago

he means LAIR - the crown jewel of the most advanced game console in the world today!

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