Unreasonable GamerCast: Episode 21

After a long Turkey induced hiatus the GamerCast crew returns. TheShape, EttenCo and Velius regale with tales of Crank 2. After that its games a plenty as EttenCo talks Black Ops and Fight Night Round 4. Velius talks about Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, World of Warcraft, and Donkey Kong Country. Finally TheShape goes nuts with Black Ops, Sly Cooper 1 and 2, Dead to Rights Retribution, Alpha Protocol, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Call of Duty 4, and Call of Duty World at War. Then its a round table talk about GT5.

First off its the crazy Black Friday sales, then we vow to never ever discuss the Uncharted Movie again, then its on to more layoffs in the ongoing Driver: San Francisco saga, the Shift 2 smack talk game, Xbox live’s rewards program, the denial of the Halo 1 remake rumors, and how impressed we are with Sega’s efforts.

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