Sound off: cross-console competition

After employing the tactic in Battlefield 1943, EA DICE announced today that it will once again apply the process of awarding first access to a bonus map to the console that reaches a specific in-game milestone first. With that in mind, we asked our 22,000-plus Twitter followers to suggest other titles that would benefit from this form of meta-competition.

darthv724744d ago

I would LOVE to see "cross console competition". Meaning a multiplat game that can be played against each other regardless of system. Then the console war would take on a whole new meaning. Just like there are variations of PC hardware and software that can all compete in a nice game of WOW.

I am sure one of these companies out there has thought of that for PS3/360.

-Alpha4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I assume there are numerous complications with MS and Sony allowing/incorporating it as opposed to devs just wanting to do it.

It'd be nice to have a massive population not separated by consoles/platforms. Who knows, maybe Xbox and PS3 owners can make up and unite against the PC gamers.

toaster4744d ago

What is there to unite against? MS has already said that they stopped developing crossplatform games because even the most basic PC gamers destroyed the skilled console gamers. In my opinion I don't think it's fair for console gamers to be pitted against PC, the kb/m has superior precision and effectiveness in most games( FPS, RTS, RPG, 3PS, etc.. etc). The only genres I think where kb/m fall behind controllers is fighting, flying and racing. And even with those there are better alternatives that a computer can use, (wheel, flight stick, arcade stick).

hoops4744d ago

Mouse Keyboard and an average $800 PC simply is too much for the Xbox360 and PS3 if you cross platform play.

-Alpha4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I was just kidding, toaster

Cogan14744d ago

PS3 can already play against pc players. its up to the dev. Im thinking valve will support this with steamworks coming.

BattleAxe4743d ago

I spent a bit of time last week playing CSS with a 360 controller, and sure, I was getting my ass handed to me, but once I get to know the maps and get the feel for the game, I'll be able to compete. In a game like CoD, I would PWN KB/M players, I don't care how accurate they are.

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Rhythmattic4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )


However, Most likely Free on PSN , and most Likely a XBL X Platform Tax charge...,

"IF" it could happen...

Either way, the 360 user base will probably win the unlock, again.

Spitfire_Riggz4744d ago

Yeah ever since Shadowrun where you could play 360 and PC I always wondered why we couldnt do that with Ps3 and 360

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Vegeta90004744d ago

I'd rather not play with the whiny kids that populate most of XBL. I wouldn't mind playing against PC users but that's as far as it should go. I mean PS3 & PC both can play games online for free so this should happen for most games.

earbus4744d ago

Lol whiny kids arnt exclusive ive had them in ps3 ,360 and pc get the power of mute .

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