Kentucky: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Kentucky: "Years of delays in the supposed name of perfection have elevated "Gran Turismo 5" to a legendary status it never really earned. Polyphony Digital's all-world driving simulation franchise is marked as much by stubbornness as it is by obsessiveness, and if you're surprised that the latest entrant hasn't evolved like it probably should have, it's your own fault."

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DoomeDx2872d ago

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the best thing ever!

Cyrus3652872d ago

yuck, especially the double down.

Dark_Charizard2872d ago

I like the Zinger burger :)

King-Leonidas2872d ago

they should stick to making fried chicken..

blumatt2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Tell us where you all live. I live in Mayfield, Ky.
And GT5 is the best $60 I've spent in awhile. And it's not a buggy mess like the other $60 I spent on Black Ops. Sure, it's got its flaws but it was well worth the money.

moparful992871d ago

Owensboro! What up mayfield? lol

DigitalAnalog2872d ago

And then you'll know their review is not worth mentioning.

On a side note, a lot of reviewers tend to judge this as a VIDEO game as opposed to a SIMULATOR.

-End of Line

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Lovable2872d ago

Currently waiting for Wendy's review...any minute now.

TheColbertinator2872d ago

...but Wendy's is biased.They gave an 8 to Move /sarcasm

TurismoGTR2872d ago

lmao Kentucky? that's a first :D

GarandShooter2872d ago

'if you're surprised that the latest entrant hasn't evolved like it probably should have'

Evolved in what way? Serious question.

As a parallel, Halo added online, then theater mode and forge, firefight, and finally various armor abilities. In my opinion, some are simply added features, some added a new wrinkle to gameplay.

Are added features evolving, or does evolution need to change the gameplay? If gameplay does need to be evolved, in what way would you evolve gameplay in a game aspiring to be a driving sim?

Driving is acceleration, braking, steering, handling, aerodynamics, physics, etc. If evolution is only trying to accurately and realistically recreate the real thing, when you reach a fully accurate model there is no further room for evolution. But evolution, as it is commonly accepted, is ongoing and unending, so that seems very dissatisfying.

So what do you guys think? Please lets try to keep our comments intelligent, insightful and creative. In other words no bashing of Halo or GT5, however constructive criticisms are always welcome.

pixelsword2872d ago

The important question to ask is how does a driving simulation supposed to "evolve" into, seeing that simulated game play is the fulcrum of the game's purpose?

This review doesn't intelligently state it's case at all.

moparful992871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Here's the caveat to gran turismo... Kaz is a car lover first and foremost, he doesn't make any reservations about who this game is made for.. It always gets me to see non car lovers review gran turismo games because they only look at it as a game.. But they are missing the beauty of it.. Gran turismo isn't made so every joe blo and sally will have hours of super awesome fun out of it! This game was made for enthusiasts and if everyone else can't handle it then go play need for speed and foza... When it comes to the love of cars nothing compares to gran turismo and there are millions of people around the world who feel the exact same way as I do.. Sooo these reviewers can dump on gran turismo allll they want but it will still sell like pure colombian crack and no one can stop it... *end rant*

Rice2872d ago

Woah that's amazing. I'd love to see more fast food restaurants reviewing games.

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