Resident Evil: Six Evils is Too Many

The Resident Evil series has seen its share of ups and downs in story, quality, and acceptance with fans. Besides remakes, side stories, and multi-platform crossovers, there have been seven entries in the Resident Evil saga (Zero, 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica, 4, and 5). With the release of the fifth installment, seventh overall, it got me thinking that maybe its’ time to say goodbye to this beloved series.

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s0ph1atr0n3294d ago

I didn't realize that the story was basically a done deal at the end of Part 5. But Tricell? Really? I don't understand why Capcom would recycle the plot.

KyRo3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Make a new Resident Evil Outbreak game I say. At least we'll be able to play it the way it was men't to be played this time around with solid online networks and voice chat.

Oh and got back to ZOMBIES!!

Dramscus3294d ago

I think they could use this as a good opportunity for a franchise reboot of sorts.
Start again fresh characters, plots and stories. Probably a cameo or two from the original characters.
It could be done well if they made it into a nearly different game. Advance the genre kind of thing.

s0ph1atr0n3294d ago

I would be so happy if they did that. New gameplay style wouldn't hurt either.

lociefer3294d ago

for me res died with res4 . nemesis was the best one, it had thrills/scares and everything, i hope they consider making one like res2 or nemesis

King_many_layers3294d ago

@ dramscus

i agree that they do need to go back to the drawing board. But not just for ideas on where to take the franchise, but as to what else they could produce.
I personally would love for them to make a new franchise, no milking it to it's increasingly close demise. A blank canvas without limitations. No need to ruin characters any further, no need to lose sight of what a series of games were about.

Resident evil 5, whilst a good game in its own rights (not great or excellent), is the beginning of the downfall if they're not careful.

poopface13294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I never played 4, but 5 was way different than I remembered. It was ok but old ones were different. Re5 is a 3rd person shooter.

I liked Re2 because you had could play it through twice with each character and experience different things and see more of the story all 4 times. MR. X scared the crap out of me on my second playthrough with each character. Nemesis was cool, but he was the same idea as mr x in RE 2, so it didnt really surprise me as much as it did in re2.

The way that it was set up was that youve already played the game with that character once(LCLC, or CLCL), but you see more of the story and things are different. You go to a room and complete the puzzle, just like you did the first time with that character. Then you find out what tha vague new cut scene wit ha helicopter was, Mr. X smashes through the wall and beats you to death.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I really miss the original RE's, those ones are the good RE Games and the best thing, it have the scary feeling.

I hope Capcom really make a good Scary Resident Evil.

Survival Horror FTW.

I remember the comparison of RE series to Silent Hill series, which one was more scary with better story, now is different.

visualb3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

if you watch degeneration you'd know there's more to it than just tricell

basically...there ought to be at least ONE more final RE that would consist of Chris, Jill, Leon and clair all together to take down the remaining remnants of the new virus

however I agree, a game ala "the walking dead" is in need

zombies, survival. outbreak style


finsfan0073293d ago

Yea its called left for dead...

Ducky3294d ago

Forget about the gameplay. Give Wesker a moustache and you'll have the horror back in the series.

CombineElite3294d ago

Take the story and game play back to it's roots as the game went from survival horror to borderline Call of Duty w/ Zombies.
Sure make some updates but keep the original feel and effect of the original game that started it all.

Some of the original characters are gonna have to get old and die as to make way for new ones. As for The Umbrella Corp, They get bought by BP or AIG and Whalla you have an evil company that everyone hates.

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ZombieAssassin3294d ago

Nah they just need to bring it back to it's routes. Just don't hand it over to the west.

WildArmed3294d ago

I agree, stick to it's roots.

RE5 was more of a side-track than anything, it hardly embodied what previous RE's did.
Not to say I didn't like the game, I loved it.

But no doubt about it, it would have been better if it actually was a survival horror.. (you know, open world, pick ur battles kinda thing)

Imalwaysright3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I agree. RE5 was an action game and even though it was an ok game imo was the worst in the series. I hope that RE6 is a survival horror or im afraid that RE5 is the last Resident evil ill ever play.

Neckbear3294d ago

It's another case of Capcom Sequel Stagnation, doc.

Imalwaysright3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I disagree. From RE4 to RE5 a de-evolution happened from survival horror to action game wich imo is the absolutely worst thing that capcom could have done to the series.

DiRtY3294d ago

I actually liked RE5. Don't let your memory fool you. The old games were awesome, but ate dated these days. You need to make them as modern as possible without losing the re feeling. It is a hard job to do a new Re IMO

Goeres3294d ago

Graphic wise and perhaps the flexibility of your movement+shooting.

However, the old RE games (1 and 2 in particular) formula will never be old. If you can mix great horror, atmosphere, monsters and bosses you got a potential GOTY.

galgor3294d ago

Dare I say it...Reboot? Fresh story, proper zombies, more horror than action.

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