IGN Reviews Dirt PS3: 8.4/10,'' Graphics smoother than 360 version''

With regards to the PlayStation 3 version of the game, Codemasters has taken the extra time since the Xbox 360 release to tighten up the graphics code a bit, resulting in an overall smoother driving experience. Much of the slowdown found in the 360 game is gone, thankfully. It's also worth nothing though that the game lacks Sixaxis support, so those of you who like steering by waving your controller around in the air will be disappointed. Some racing wheels, notably the Logitech line, are supported however, including full Force Feedback, which is certainly nice

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toughNAME4426d ago

but...i thought IGN were full of xbots?

but back to the article...

the delayed version BETTER be the better one.
simple as that.

but playing the demo i suggest you all save your money for PGR4/GT

Maddens Raiders4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

nearly all MP versions are going to look better on the PS3. There's none of that margarine Haze pasted across the screen and saturated super whites like in the 360 versioon that I played. Sure, there were some smoking mp turds earlier (most from my good friends at EA), and GRAW 2 could've looked a little better, but look even then the early version of FNR3 looks improved on the PS3 as does Oblivion and PES, Tiger Woods '08 (even though both admittedly suck) and now DiRT. One thing is for sure -- Motorstorm stands alone on the PS3 as an early shining light and could not be done properly on the 360. That's the raw data.

9.60 months for this little toddler and the mp games for it definitely look better on the negro modelo console lately (Skate, anyone?).

Imagine how cool the multi-version copy of Halo3 would look and play on the PS3. WOW. That would be so unfair.

chanto234426d ago

they admitted that the game looks and plays better on the PS3 but still rate the game exactly the same as the 360 version, not even a .1 higher LMAO!!!!

Ace_Shooter4426d ago

you might be right ToughNAME but tell me, if the game is better on another console shouldn't that game have a higher score?? 8.4 is the same for both but yet the PS3 version's framerate and graphics are better. It's quite funny that if a port is better on the 360 it scores higher yet that's not the case for the PS3.

Arkham4426d ago

So... your point is that this is the same situation as XBOX games being better than earlier-released PS2 games? Right?

xplosneer4426d ago

Not calling fanboy but the PS3 version was addmittingly better. Not any failures randomly, more maps, smoother, seemed the lighting was fixed too, the shadows move around nicely, yet -.8 in the reviews. :|

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360RULEZ4426d ago

all waitstation gets is ports.

with "AAA" titles like lair getting 1/5 reviews .. it's no surprize that sony droids will be overjoyed by a port of a xbox360 game.

can't wait to play Alone in the Dark ... too bad waitstation owners will have to wait one year more than Xbox360 owners to play it.

Loudninja4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

We got the all around better version

hella whip4426d ago

Yeah I can't wait to play it aswell considering its being released the same time as the Xbox version,

Meus Renaissance4426d ago

Alone in the Dark will be shipped simulatenously with the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The rumour of the PS3 version being delayed was false.

alfredoggy4426d ago

Good game. Might pick it up. Good bye. =0)

xaphanze4426d ago

I think devs arent having problems developing for the ps3. Very nice and sooner than I expected.

xaphanze4426d ago

what confuses me is that they say it looks better but they gave both games the same score for graphics making them both score the same. PS3 version should have scored more.

Loudninja4426d ago

they only change a few things

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The story is too old to be commented.