Razorfish ports DaVinci interface to Kinect, makes physics cool (video)

One of Razorfish's cool things is a so-called Surface Physics Illustrator called DaVinci, which lets a user doodle on the screen and turn those doodles into balls, boxes, levers, and fulcrums. Now that code has effectively ported that code over to Kinect, as you can see in the video below, letting you do the same sort of things but with thine own two hands floating in mid-air. You can cause shapes to levitate, create gravity between them, make things orbit, even enable magnetism that alternately pulls and hurls your little doodles across the screen.

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NeutralGamer3291d ago


Now if we could get more awesome things on kinect oposed to those rather ricicoulus sports and casual games, kinect would be more awesome and might earn my moneys...

slate913291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

^^ 2011 my friend. Great kinect titles lined up. And seeing these recent hacks to show off some neat things it can do, I can't wait to see what developers, that have been working with the device for even longer, can do with it.