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The PC versus console choice isn't always clear early in the life of a console when the hardware is new and the PC hasn't had time to reassert its CPU or GPU advantage. Consoles are affordable and have graphical capabilities close to moderately powerful PCs. The new consoles also sport built-in hard disks and can have online services, which begin to chip away at the PC's longtime file download advantage. We're going to break down the differences between the Xbox 360 and PC versions of BioShock in an effort to help you decide which platform is right for you. The game is very similar on both platforms, so your decision will hinge on control interface preferences, what kind of PC components you have, and your willingness to upgrade.

First page has requirements while the second is the picture comparison.

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MK_Red4064d ago

PC can match 360 version only on high quality and even then, it has only the advantage of anti-aliasing and higher res. No DX10 and advanced feature. Buy a new PC that can run BioShock smoothly in high detail costs more than twice the price of 360.

But in the end, every gamer should try this game. It's a God Game.

amilcaralzaga4024d ago

Well, I installed Bioshock in my pc two days ago, I wouldn't say it's a top notch computer, Pentium D 2.8 GHZ, 2GB ram with a Fatal1ty 8600GT (I do have a 22" widescreen monitor), I costed me (with the video card -no monitor, otherwise we would have to count the LCD TV to make a comparision) around 550€ the XBOX 360 costs 399, let's not take account the TV or monitor, 'cause anyway the TV is more expensive.
I played the game and was surprised on how well it runs even with this video card with the highest settings in 1800x1050 (World in conflict doesn't run nearly as smoothly in half the resolution, and it's the other directx 10 game I play) but what amazed me the most was the graphic detail and al the sibtleties in the textures, water reflection, smoke, vapor, and lights, all things that doesn't affect the gameplay in any sense but make it more beautiful. I went to fnac today and say the game in an xbox 360 attached to a 22" HDTV LCD (the ones they have in the xbox demo stands), I played for a while and although the game is the same, there are all that subtleties missing, from the water reflection so the vapor and some of the lighting. The same, but not the same, game play and sounds, are of course the same.
I used to love my xbox some years ago, but then moved to europe, and you know, PAL, and I've got a PC, anyway I work a lot with it, is usefull for many other things than just playing, so I can't take the price in comparision with the xbox because I didn't have to buy a TV and I can't do anything but play with the xbox, are you reading this on your XBOX???
Anyway, the consoles had a couple of years of development before their official release, that means that the video cards where among the best ones two years before their release, that is 3 years ago more or less. Nvidia has been releasing new (faster and better) graphic cards every 6 months, they do make a HUGE difference with the previous ones, and directX 10 is a true breaktrough. Meanwhile, XBOX and PS3 users will have to wait at least a couple of years more to move on. I can buy a new video card for my same PC every year and spend just around 150 box each time by not going for the very top notch) and I save a lot because computer games are cheaper (even if you actually buy them).
So,. on the end, I wouldn't think of buying a console, but rather getting a 2500x1800 pixels 30" monitor and see things in really really high definition...

ShiftyLookingCow4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

doesnt really mention all the copy protection restrictions and issues in the PC version but there shouldn't be any doubt it will look better(though not that much better) with higher resolution with an able PC

MK_Red4064d ago

Good point. I hear so much complaint about PC version and it's activation system.

Stella4063d ago

The game is 99 percent hype and marketing.

Douchebaggery4063d ago

so over 500k people bought a game made of only 1% gameplay that's quite a feat

darkequitus4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

it is lived up to expectations by being a AAA title. Can it be over hype then? Nuff said.

Saint Sony4063d ago

Stella is in denial. You need to relax.

Frustration may kill you. Maybe you should try masturbation. It helps you loose some tension. You don't need a brain to do it and I assume you at least got hands.

Korosuke4063d ago

I hate tides of multi platform.
Multi platform limeted to potential that the game suposed to be.

Each platforms, including PC have its own advantages and disadvantages, 360 is cheaper, PS3 has high capacity disc, PC has high capacity of physical memory, etc, so I want Devs create games specialized for one platform.
after that, it's ok to port another.

Bolts4063d ago

I downloaded the PC version with D2D while playing Warhawk. Try doing that with the Xbox version. Another plus is I'll never have to put a disk in my machine to play. With my 8800 GTX the game is silky smooth even with 4X AA and all the settings maxed. When the Nvidia's next chipset come out I'll be able to play Bioshock at 1080p 60 fps at over 8X AA without breaking a sweat.

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