Realtime Worlds interview: Crackdown 2 is not in development

Realtime Worlds isn't working on a Crackdown sequel at all, Wilson confirmed to Develop Mag.

Although the team is in some respects "heartbroken", "Microsoft were a little late in stepping up to the plate to ask for Crackdown 2, and by then we had already started working on bigger, better things."

Such as? Realtime Worlds plans to launch its first MMO next year with Webzen called APB (All Points Bulletin) a 'cops and robbers, but multiplayer' style game which Wilson said will place emphasis on customisable characters and vehicles - while a second team including Wilson works on another undisclosed project due in 2009.

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xaphanze4061d ago

not surprised. The game sucked.

Depressed Mode4061d ago

I completely disagree. I thought that game was amazing, especially coop.

jcgamer4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Crackdown is off the hook...the camera was spot on, which to me is an achievement in itself! Think about the many ways a bad camera would have killed the game...don't talk about Crackdown man...I'll get old Mrs. Timbol on you! lol...just kidding...little inside joke

Animagi4061d ago

It wasn't the best. Honestly, it was fun for only ONE reason: The Halo 3 beta. But hey, it was nice for Bungie to throw in a free game WITH the beta.

FirstknighT4061d ago

Crackdown was a classic game. It's been called the best "superhero" game ever made. A part 2 would sale very well but I heard about APB...that game sounds awesome!

Bleem3604061d ago

Crackdown is THE best game on 360 released so far - almost no contest.