GamePro: 4 pet peeves with the new PSP

It's here, and it's fabulous. But it's not perfect! No, sir, the "PSP-2000" has a few design blemishes that interfere with an otherwise excellent handheld system.

GamePro has ranked the issues by priority. Here is the list, see the article for the details.
1. Sticky directional pad
2. New UMD slot
3. Too many separate outputs and inputs
4. Plastic bezel

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Bill Gates4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )


Sony is one of the top hardware design companies out there, and yet Gamepro thinks they can do better. Morons. They remind me of the XBOTS who think they know everything......AAHAHHAHAHA

But I guess in the world of the Internet, everyone's a critic.

Marceles4085d ago

Only 4? least they couldn't think of a top 5/top 10 list.

1. sticky directional pad - better than it being slippery
2. New UMD slot - well it's a UMD slot. That's like complaining over the sliding disk tray for the 360 because ps3 and the wii dont have it.
3. Too many separate outputs and inputs - *crickets*
4. Plastic bezel *crickets, old man cough*

Oh well..what do you expect from Gamepro

sumfood4u4085d ago

Gamepro yur list should be everyones pet peeve!

Premonition4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

What are they talkin about, they complain about pretty much everything, and I dont know what PSP they had but the bezel on my old PSP launch PSP to be exact, had a plastic Bezel I dont know where this metal thing they are talkin about came from unless they had a japanese PSP or something. And to many inputs and outputs, freaking crying out loud, its not that complicated, I didnt see them complain about it on the old PSP, and the best part is atleast it can charge via USB. And the part about where he accidently put his game in backwards, come on I bet he did that to prove a point.

crck4085d ago

The guy is a moron. The bezel on my PSP fat is plastic. Maybe his IQ has some how gone up 2 points out of retard range and can now tell the difference between silver painted plastic and metal.

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The story is too old to be commented.