GameSpy gives 1.5/5 to Lair

On paper, Lair sounds like a brilliant and faultless stroke of genius, but somehow developer Factor 5 has managed to eviscerate the amazing concept of mounted all-out dragon warfare, stripping it of whatever potential fun it may have had. This happened in a variety of ways, but GameSpy want to focus on two that are not as subjective as the art direction or the crappy and all-too-frequent voiceovers, and those are the lousy motion controls and broken game design.

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iceice1234966d ago

I thought this was a "must buy game!!1!1!sony4life!1!!".

Where are you all now?

fenderputty4966d ago

are you the first person to post in a thread about a game that you don't care about, for a system you don't care about. Does it make you all stiff and giddy? Get a freakin' life.

Daver4966d ago

yea just stfu.. would you?
People wont argue with every review... Some liked it some didnt, thats called an opinion
For me Lair is the best game on ps3 so far. I dont care what reviwers say

radzy4966d ago Show
Marceles4966d ago

"to ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ fenderputty and daver, WTF ARE THOSE NAMES ALL ABOUT?"

a guy named radzy is talking about someone else's name...

fenderputty4966d ago

Thanks for showing your as big of a douchebag as Icewake.

Daver4966d ago

hmmmm ok... No wonder why you have only 3 bubbles left

radzy4966d ago

what is the idea of a forum if you cant speak. this forum is dominated by sony fandicks and sony employees.
take all my bubbles (as you call them), the idea is childish.
sarcasm-"look how much bubbles i got!!!", i dont give a flying f***.
i will come back as radzy1 or radzy2 or some other name. f***en kids.(rolls eyes)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4965d ago

You come here to N4G daily to argue your points with all "us" fanboys then your going to say "get a life" to some one for being a fanboy and arguing his points? Buddy you need to check yourself. F**king Droids get worse everyday there is bad news for the PS3 (wich is every day now)

nasim4965d ago (Edited 4965d ago )

got that BOTS

your TWO WORLDS got 1/5 or 2/10 from GAMESPY

LAIR got 1.5 /5 or 3/10

when you have TWO WORLDS on x360's side why rant about reviews

LAIR is a great game if you can handle the six axis which over 200 000 ps3 owners can .
However nothing makes TWO WORLDS a great game ----the worst game of the century

VirusE4965d ago

Nasim again I don’t know what kind of crack you smoke at night but it must be primo. I can't remember the last time anyone hyped up two worlds. You as always need to check your facts and then hit the spell check button. Two worlds isn’t made by microsoft it is made by a crappy company called south peak. Lair was hyped up to be the end all be all two worlds was not. Nasim you yourself have hyped this game to no end and now what do you have to say after the 70% of the reviews are horrible for it. 200,000? You do realize that the bane of your existence the cartoonish halo game has sold more than 10 times that and it isn’t out? You need to jump out of denial land.

You have never played two worlds so how can you call it worst game of the century? Do you base your opinion on anything other than random BS? Get over it lair is not the game it was made out to be. Last time I checked it had a 57% on metacritic. It isn’t that it got one bad review it got dozens of them. Nasim you make me ashamed to be a ps3 owner.

i Shank u4965d ago (Edited 4965d ago )

do you have an xbox gamertag(sarcasm), or PSN name? i will buy a ps3 and warhawk, or whatever game you like to play online, just so i can shoot you in the head damnit

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reaferfore204965d ago (Edited 4965d ago )

Yeah, people say this game is a POS when they've never played it and are basing this assumption on the bad reviews and their hatred of anything Sony. Most of the people on here that have played the game said it is pretty fun. I'll judge for myself. I don't let other people make up my mind about things like these, and neither should anyone else. Once again I would go out and buy this game but it's SOLD OUT everywhere I've gone. So that says something about how good/bad this game is.

[email protected]: Have you played this game? If you have then I could understand your calling this game "mediocre". If not then how could you possibly know? Warhawk got lots of bad reviews and I still can't put that game down. SO, by your logic just because a game gets some bad reviews it MUST be true. Game Informer is the only magazine I trust these days and they gave Lair a 7.25. I'm not saying this game is going to be tremendously good or anything, but from all the feedback I've seen from people who have actually played the game and AREN'T getting paid to write about it; most said that it was a fun game. A 1.5 is a little harsh for a game that most people seem to enjoy.

Oh my schooling? High school graduate. :)

TheSadTruth4965d ago

By your logic, Halo 3 will be the best game ever because you won't be able to get it if you didn't pre-order it.

Also, I don't know how advanced your schooling is or if you've had any at all, but chances are that if the majority of the sites say the game isn't very good, then it probably isn't very good. It's not like they just make it up or are ALL just being harsh on the game together, it's just a bad game. You will realize this after you waste $60 on it. Now could it still be fun? Sure, lots of mediocre games can still be fun, so knock yourself out.

Blink4966d ago

enough of this trash talking about this subject blow anyways

heavyarms4966d ago

Its a game about a freaking dragon come on folks how exciting is that plz. Dont tell me you expect to give that crappy game an 8 because its looks nice. The score is right 1/5

The Brave 14965d ago

i bought this game and its been freaking awesome so far.Firmware 1.92 did help the sixaxis and the controls seem much tighter.Ill be fair and say the game has a few issues ,however if you can see past them you will find a stunning game which combines epic storytelling,unparelled graphics,diverse and exciting gameplay by the of the sixaxis.My username might make my opinion irrelevant to some ,however this game freaking rocks!!!!go get it now

TheSadTruth4965d ago