PS3 Backwards Compatibility Site Now Live

The PlayStation 3 v1.92 firmware update earlier this week apparently fixed issues related to the backwards compatibility of certain PlayStation 2 titles, but what's the point of updating games if we don't know what's wrong in the first place? Sony Computer Entertainment America has now launched a search engine that produces the known issues with (from what we can tell) most older releases for PS2 and PS One.

Also, at the bottom of the page, SCEA says they're working with publishers to come up with solutions for peripheral-based games to be fully compatible -- hello, Guitar Hero. "Ultimately, however, it will be up to those companies to decide if they want to produce these peripherals to support this gameplay option."

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Genki4061d ago

BC seemed to have dropped of the map for a few months there, and I was wondering if they were quietly backing out of it.

Good move too, with the PS2 sales still steady and good games on the horizon.

Stella4061d ago

This site has been up since the PS3 launched. The only that has changed is they updated it to include the software emulated EE PS3s that are out now.

Darkiewonder4061d ago

Just get my damn Guitar Hero working already.

sumfood4u4061d ago

Is always a good thing?

WafflesID4061d ago

so far it kinda looks like the EE-less PS3s don't do FMV as well as the original PS3s.

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