Burnout Paradise gameplay video collection

Burnout Paradise videos that show some gameplay, and like Xboxkings did with Army of Two they'll do again with Burnout Paradise: let's get them collected!

Videos embedded from Gamevideos.

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MK_Red4150d ago

Awesome find. Thank you thank you thank you. I'm dying to for Burnout Paradise and new footage is always welcome.

TheMART4150d ago

Yup dude, I love Burnout Revenge on my old XBOX. Those mindless crashes are insane.

Pretty curious if they'll get some new taste to this game with this new version!

MK_Red4150d ago

Agreed. I love Burnout Revenge and I have finished both the last gen and 360 version and still play it once a month. I can't get enough of Burnout. Burnout Revenge on 360 is the only game that I have finished on both a next-gen and a last-gen console.

This game looks really faster and sicker. The part with Burnout billboard blowing was lol. Can't wait for some serious online crashes.

Sashy4150d ago

I love burnout so mutch on my Playstation 2, i recenyly finished Burnout Dominator on my Playstation 2, it was so freaking awesome, then tomorrow, I am gonna get my PSP slim and buy burnout games for that system, then I am gonna buy Burnout Paradise on my Playstation 3 omg-

Pete_Approved4150d ago

The game looks stunning, I played it on my old xbox aswell. The same gameplay but better graphics are allways welcome :D

MK_Red4150d ago

OMG, just saw the "'Takedown' gameplay" (Second vid on GV page). Everyone please watch it. It's uber awesome. The true next-gen takedown.

This is sick. I want to play it right now. I want more TAKE DOWNS! Road Rage, here I come!

Pete_Approved4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

ghehge.. it`s sweet! When is it getting on the market? Somewhere in 2008?

Crazyglues4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

This game is going to be so much fun, for one the open world is such a hot idea. Being able to just drive all over the place is amazing.

I too loved burnout on xbox and xbox 360 -so this one is a must pick up for me...

Just can't wait this one looks like it will once again be hours of fun.