Peter Moore: EA's PS3 framerate issue will become ancient history soon enough

Newly appointed EA Sports chief Peter Moore (former Xbox chief) has commented that beginning with NBA Live 08, all EA Sports titles will be capable of running at 60 frames per second on the Playstation 3.

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TeaDouble_E4061d ago

This is the kind of Peter Moore I like. None of that fake PR stuff he had to use in his last job.

barom4061d ago

I suddenly like this dude. I would have thought he would lean towards Microsoft and such and such, but he seems very proffesional and he jokes very friendly too.

In other words, dudes cool.

hazeblaze4061d ago

Can't believe you guys are falling for MORE of his PR spin! Of course NBA Live 08 is going to run at 60 fps!!! Becaues NBA 2K8 is!

If Madden would have had a decent football game to compete with, they would have made sure that it ran at 60 fps on the PS3 as well! This is not an accomplishment, just proof that Madden could have been run at 60 fps... Thanks Moore, but I'll be buying the better franchise, NBA 2K8!

DrPirate4061d ago

Peter Moore's the new manGod proving professionlism still exists in this industry.

InMyOpinion4060d ago

If he was'nt professional he would'nt be were he is. Does anyone seriously think these kind of executive persons have minds of fanboys?

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Rowland4061d ago

...can someone send this to the developers of Two Worlds...

InMyOpinion4060d ago

That game is a piece of crap. I'm gonna give it another shot today just to be 100% sure, the first time I played it I was close to tears. It's awful.

tehcellownu4061d ago

good for peter..hope he keep his words..everyone should remember he dont work for microsoft anymore..

Mr Murda4060d ago

Folks listen up, these professionals that work in the MS, Sony, or Nintendo public relations department are being paid to be fanboys, any PR department for any company is doing the same thing. Of course they are going to hype of the XBOX or PS3 or whatever, they're being paid to do it. So, it's no surprise that Peter Moore was so pro 360. Just like it's no surprise that he's going to hype up EA Sports, cause that's exactly what he's being paid to do. He has no loyalty to anyone except his paycheck and family. Think about that before you start knocking Kaz or Phil or J Allard, etc..

Darkiewonder4061d ago

I commented on how awesome Peter Moore Was already.

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The story is too old to be commented.