Xbox 360 on Life Support in Japan

On the bright side, it's outselling the Game Boy Micro. Japanese gamers continue to play favorites with the home team, handing over 75 percent of their gaming yen to Nintendo's DS and Wii last month. The remaining systems are left to fight over the scraps, and the Xbox 360 just barely managed to gain one percent (11,288 units) of the market share for August 2007, according to recent Japanese sales data from Famitsu.

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trane074150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

This article had nothing to do with those links other than just numbers. Its a completely different article that talks about something else the other doesn't. You're just pissy over the headline which is understandable from a fanboy. Get a life seriously.

Rowland4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

I've noticed you slag my & others newsposts whenever you have an opportunity & you're fast gaining a reputation as an overly officious & petty Traffic Warden who's not very good at his job.

Bordel_19004150d ago

How come MS doesn't put some $$ into a crazy well known jap title, or a new one like Final Samurai Fantasy XIV Moushoden. It's the only thing that would sell the xbox in jap.

These are the top 8 in jap (go figure):

1 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
2 Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
3 Samaurai Warriors 2 Moushoden
4 Mario Party 8
5 Gintama
6 One Piece Gearspirit
7 Phoenix Wright 3
8 My Household Budget Diary

lonestarmt4150d ago

thats the main reason I"m not worried about MGS or ff13 leaving the ps3. When will the JRPG goodness get on the ps3!!! I blame you wii!! just joking

Lygre4150d ago

And I who thought that western products, american in particular, were very popular in Japan.

Guess I was wrong...:S

I did not see this coming.

xfrgtr4150d ago

Ipod is selling very well in JAPAN,the only country in the world where the 360 is selling very well is the US.

gta_cb4150d ago

if i ever go in and ask how the Xbox 360 is selling (which i have quite a few times) they ALWAYS say really well. i live in the UK so go figure

HeavyweightInTheGame4150d ago

Hopefully with the release of the Falcon, sales will increase in Japan. But it common sense that 360 will most likely never win over there. Tooo much Wii and DS love.

BloodySinner4150d ago

If there's no Final Fantasy or some other huge Japanese franchise, then there's no sale.

Adamalicious4150d ago

I really don't think that changing internal hardware components is going to motivate sales in any market unless it enable a significant drop in price. Even this, I think, wouldn't matter in Japan. They just straight up don't like American electronics. In order for them to gain any traction they would have to get Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy as an exclusive and that's just not ever going to make fiscal sense for Square Enix - not going to happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.