PlayStation Store US Update for September 6, 2007

Here is the US PlayStation Store update for September 6, 2007.

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skynidas4061d ago

thats an update keep it up sony and give us the skate demo next week

Violater4061d ago

I'm heading home to DL them alllllll.

Marceles4061d ago

A demo from EA for the ps3 before Xbox? *wipes to make sure it's not 2K8*

skynidas4061d ago

@Marceles the NBA Live 08 already hit the Marketplace

Marceles4061d ago

Damn...I checked yesterday and it wasn't there. I guess they both came on the same day. But i'm still surprised from an EA demo so early.

ela06sd4060d ago

i have a european cni get a us one....need to get tht stranglehold demo asap...thnx

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DJ4061d ago

I am SO getting the Motorstorm update!

Fisher3394061d ago

content-wise the PSN has gotten WAY better since march.

As a ps3 owner I am glad to see the improvements, and benefit from them as well.

thechadummduh4060d ago

why would he put iversons picture when he was on the sixers btw


lonestarmt4061d ago

this last month has been good for PSN. Finally we get to play stranglehold!!!

Robotz Rule4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

NBA Live 08 demo,here I come!!!:D

Rama262854061d ago

So us Europeans get completed SHAFTED and you Americans get a nice good update. Not to mention your MotorStorm update is cheaper as well.

So you've now got 2 more Demo's than us, you're ahead of us on the Heavenly Sword Anime's, you've got Tekken Online, Super Puzzle Fighter, Ninja Gaiden Extra Content and I'm sure much much more. Why Sony? Why are you releasing things all separately??

Has any Europeans tried downloading and paying for the US content? Does it work?

Kleptic4061d ago

until SCEE and whichever else powers that be get on top of things, this will be the case for a while...

you do know that it is very easy to make a U.S. account right?...not sure at all about the regional issues with DLC though, check with someone on that...

but yeah agreed...these are the type of updates that will get me excited about a more Sprint and 2 videos...those days sucked...

Vojkan4061d ago

I think Sony is racist! PS3 is black and they hate us because we are white! Yeah Sony, is it because i am white?!

JUST KIDDING, making fun of my self! So dont hit that disagree button LOL

kornbeaner4061d ago

Just make an american account. I have a european and a japanese account. Sorry for my friends across the atlantic since there is nothing in the europe store that I want. But my friends across the pacific have the best PSN store. I have downloaded demos from there and they work fine.

hella whip4061d ago

I think its cause all the SCEE guys responsible for the store etc are working on Home, whereas the american people only have to concentrate on the store. I'm sure once Home launches the EU will be getting equal if not better content.

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The story is too old to be commented.