Blast: All Access: Killzone 3

If you’ve played any of the Killzone games before – you’ve undoubtedly shot your fair shair of Helghast soldiers. Now, for the highly anticipated Killzone 3, the team at Sony and Guerilla Games wants you to go inside their world.

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cannon88003889d ago

Reading all these things about killzone 3 makes me want it that much more. man i cant wait.


only 2 months to go... I know it will be a beast but I hope it sells at least 4 million in the first week because GG deserves it!

MerkinMax3889d ago

That is going to look awesome! Hopefully branches and other stuff are just getting obliterated as you fight through.

gijsbrecht3889d ago

At last a real article as opposed to just a two sentence remark about a screenshot. Although nothing really new is stated, it is an interesting read. I do like the part about how they dealt with both the single player- and multiplayer part of the game. And yes, February can't come soon enough for me.

bageara3889d ago

looking forward to seeing another side to the Helghast.
not sure about the adventure style platforming in first person but im confident GG will make it awesome

thePatriot3889d ago

WOW. new IP after Killzone 3. sweet. :( :)

ivant3889d ago

KZ4 needs a fresh infusion of ideas from successful developers like Santa Monica Studios, Naughty Dog....or maybe even Epic or R*.....or......Bungie

DoomeDx3889d ago

Yeah and have super soldiers with super armor right?

No ty!

It would be kickass though is Naughty dog, Santa monica, and GG worked together with one game!

kratos1233889d ago

you guys do know all these studios always work together.
they have been doing this fore a long time

visualb3889d ago

they don't work together, they just share some tips =)

but they hardly work as a team big dev team as wesley suggests

Masterchef20073889d ago

Pretty good interview this game will be awesome

Lawliet3889d ago

Glad they acknowledge that they should brush up with the storyline. It was rather plain.. And I really hope there will be like a boss stage level, then just shooting Halo's bro masketeer all long way. Give me some WOW factor beside the magnificent graphical explosion man, I'm looking for something more. Online is a blast duh.

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