Sony Battles Microsoft with Their Own Tiered PlayStation Rewards Program

Sony isn't letting Microsoft get away with being the only console offering a rewards program. Similar the the XBLIVE program, Sony's PlayStation program earns you rewards for doing things with you console you might have done anyway... like playing a game.

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pork_chop_express3977d ago

surely it should be linked to trophy level, as well as psn activity.

deadreckoning6663977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

I wonder how they know whether you purchased a game or not. Looks like their gunna have to track each individual game disc.

Nitrowolf23977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

The thing is they don't
i recently purchased NFSHP used. For that i don't think they add up at all. I think it's only PSN downloads that raise the bar up, but for me i never played NFSHP and registery trophie it made the bar go up the next night. I think for retail games it's just trophies and firsttime playing them (new games)

FunAndGun3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Playing new games...bought or rented, buying anything from the PS store, and buying anything in Home will all advance the Rewards bar.

I already made it to Select and Pro is next. These are the avatars I got for making it to Select. You also get a theme and some Home items.

Well, I guess if you are the first to rent the disk then as he said below.

Apocalyptica3977d ago

Be the First to Play?

This may be one of the most confusing aspects of Rewards. Each software disc that is produced, whether by SCEA or by a 3rd party publisher, is tagged with a unique identification number. To get Rewards credit for a disc, you must be the first to play that specific disc while logged in to your PSN account. Once the disc has been played once, the Rewards system will ignore any further plays of that particular disc.

For example, let’s say that Roger, a Rewards program member, walks down to his corner Best Buy and purchases a copy of Little Big Planet 2. He takes it home, starts up his PS3, logs in to the PSN with his login ID ([email protected]), and starts up LBP2. He has just received credit for LBP2 under his PlayStation Rewards profile.

Now let’s say that, instead of heading straight home, Roger went to his friend Hamid’s house. They log in on Hamid’s PS3 under [email protected] and load up Roger’s new LBP2 disc. Since Hamid was the first to load the disc under his PSN login ID, he would be credited with the LBP2 purchase, even though Roger actually bought it!

Roger would have to purchase another LBP2 disc (or have Hamid purchase one for him) and be the first to play that disc while logged in to his PSN account, in order to get Rewards credit for LBP2

ElementX3977d ago

Good call, Apocalyptica! Most of the others on here don't bother reading the print and assume they're getting rewards for renting Barbie Horse Show or Spongebob at Blockbuster!

NecrumSlavery3977d ago

The way that the Playstion Rewards Program works is simple. Use your system often.

It tracks the time you play play games while connected to PSN. Not online, but just logged in.

It also registeres the trophies that you earn.

When you purchase or download any content, it tracks that too. Of course payed features earn more than Demoes and Rentals.

PSP games are the same thing.

Also be sure to always register your hardware and software through Playstation(dot)com. This adds to it too.

My bar was about to the Friends tab. The I only have play a very little bit of COD, a good amount of GT5, and a bit of Gamefly rented Castlevania and the Bar went from about 40% to 60% within a week. I use the PS3 for everything. I watch tons of blurays (BD Live is tracked), Hulu, Vudu, and Netlfix.

The more you use it the faster it grows, but what you buy into it really shoots the bar up.

I do want to stress that the rewards are on a year basis, so every March it resets. But you keep your rewards forever.

Gawdl3y3977d ago

I'm fairly sure that the PS3 rewards were around before Microsoft's version... Considering that I got a beta invite to the program two months ago.

Nitrowolf23977d ago


nope MS had a beta for a long time and are now opening to more people

Sony just went into Beta

smoothdude3977d ago

Wow the rewards are the exact same as what was promised for PSN+

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DaBadGuy3977d ago

Yeah that would make sense, but I hope they would give away games or something instead of free furniture in Home.

And don't call me Shirley.

-Alpha3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

My question is if PS Rewards will overlap Playstation Plus.

Also, MS's reward system is a joke. From Gamespot:

"The rewards operate on a sliding scale, with one-month Gold subscription renewals netting users 10 points (9 pence, or 13 cents) to spend and annual family pack renewals netting users 400 points. Users' first online Gold subscription purchase will net them 100 points (90 pence, or $1.30), as will activating and using the Gold-exclusive UK Xbox Sky Player service. A standard 12-month single Xbox Live Gold subscription will net a user 200 points (£1.80, $2.60).

If users fill in a "quick" survey each month, they will receive 20 points (18 pence, or 36 cents). Microsoft has also promised that those signed up to the programme will be able to participate in "exclusive promotions" in exchange for "cool prizes," though further information on the promotions and prizes were not forthcoming."

They are rewarding you in pennies. Literally.

It's going to be a slow grind for those that bother to scrape up and collect. I'd at least think they'd offer a free game every now and then

gamerzBEreal173977d ago

does anyone know how i can get this??

georgeenoob3977d ago

Anything MS adds to XBL, Sony automatically copies. Wow, Sony can't just come up with their own ideas?

Christopher3976d ago

I thought Sony Rewards was first? How long has the Microsoft rewards program been around?

mfwahwah3976d ago

I was going to say this. They said like, 2 years ago that they had plans to reward PSN users who went for leveling up.

Been waiting for a long time, and now HERE are some rewards? For wasting MORE of my money? No thanks Sony. I appreciate it, but I'll have to pass.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Old news, Sony started that months ago for US Only.

And it was published here in N4G Months ago.

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kalel1143977d ago

Yep. I have been in it since November.

Azmacna3977d ago

exactly. this isn't Sony catching MS, this is MS copying Sony. they did this months and months ago. please don't turn this into another Eyetoy V Kinect argument again. acknowledge the truth for once

Blaze9293977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

buuuuuuut MS started this over a year ago. October 2009 to be exact. Soooooo....what kind of logic are you spouting?

Azmacna3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

yeah, my bad. you are right. sorry :)

but it would be nice to have at least one day when we don't get these sort of articles

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3977d ago

Its been going for a while now for ps+ and GAP members. From what I can tell its tracking both psn use and trophy activity. When I registered a few games on the site I noticed an increase in the bar, it would be nice if sony would spell it out as to how much certain activities count towards acquiring rewards.

Nice that both companies are giving a little back to their customers.

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Silly gameAr3977d ago

This rewards program started like a month ago. Come on people, get with it.

ElementX3977d ago

I looked at the website just now and it says Beta. Where do you sign up?

Silly gameAr3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

I'm in because I'm a Plus member. I'm not sure when it will be released for everyone though. This is just one of those cases of selective memory though. I wish I could find the G4 link because I've looked everywhere, but Sony was talking about implementing a rewards system since the start of 09.

If anyone can find the link, it would be apperciated.

Optical_Matrix3977d ago

Swear this started over a month ago in the US? I think you should change the opening of the article to 'Microsoft isn't letting Sony get away...'

tait2693977d ago

A Xbox reward system from 2007.

Nintendo did it first with the stars system though.


Undeadwolfy3977d ago

How can you have a copyright on a rewards program? Thats like my friend saying to some dude, ill pay you if you ride this bike for 2 hours. And then me saying ill pay you twice as much if you ride this bike for 2 hours. Then my friend saying "DUDE YOU CANT DO THAT! I GOT DIBS! IM TAKING YOU TO COURT!".

Its nonsensical...

Undeadwolfy3975d ago

LOL i read about this. Looks like I owe money to this woman for the tan I got in Egypt...

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