Sony on Lair: Consumers Matter, Not Critics

The high-profile PlayStation 3 game Lair is falling flat with most critics, but Sony tells Next-Gen that it's the consumers that matter, not the critics.

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MK_Red4064d ago

Well, its true that consumers matter more than critics to companies but good reviews from critics some times help sales with consumers (BioShock).

fenderputty4064d ago

an online communittee feel as though our opinions matter much more then they really do. I'm not saying that it doesn't have an affect but, look at the sales for Blue Dragon and Lair. Neither games scored well with the critics but, are still doing OK on sales and managed to make it into the top 10.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4064d ago

Its definitely true that the consumers matter more, but usually the consumer hears what thew critics have to say on something first. So I find both equally as important.

But then again if most people are like me, they wouldn't listen to critics and decide for themselves.

fenderputty4064d ago

Most of my friends don't even know what IGN is. They have no clue about 1up or anything like that. They just listen to me when I tell them about up and coming stuff. Still ... they take my word with a grain of salt and try it out themselves.

hazeblaze4064d ago

I've read quite a few reviews on the game & have mixed feelings on it. I don't care about the controls... I'm sure I can get used to those. But I was hoping the combat and the story were still satisfactory.

If high sales of the game would encourage Factor 5 to work on a sequel and get it right the 2nd time... I'd be willing to check the game out anyway so long as the combat was still fun enough. My brother wants this game so we were going half & half on it anyway. I'm thinking we'll go ahead and buy it.

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Zhuk4064d ago

critics dont matter with garbage games, that's why garbage like Lair and Transformers game will sell more than a game like Psychonauts

reaferfore204064d ago

Have you played Lair? If you have I could understand you calling it garbage.

PS360WII4064d ago

I agree with that. It didn't score well in the mags but I bought it and I do like it. Looks great and plays well and at times is really challenging which a game should be.

lonestarmt4064d ago

I agree sometimes its hard to do a 180 but once you get used to it, and figure out when you need to speed up, slow down, and hover its actually fun to play. I hope it sells well in spite of the wish-wasy reviews

kingboy4064d ago

Let,s see how Japan receives this game,and i reckon they,ll love it

resistance1004064d ago

TBH i can't see this being a game that appeals to the japanise market, still could be wrong

Loudninja4064d ago

And it has been prove, many coumsumers love the game

MK_Red4064d ago

Agreed. And I'm one of those consumers :)
I'm buying my PS3 in 2 weeks and the first two games I plan to buy with the console are Resistance and Lair.

XxZxX4064d ago

are you kidding me? no warhawk?

resistance1004064d ago

@ MK - HOW CAN YOU MISS OUT WARHAWK? or Motorstorm for that matter

MK_Red4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

I do have to get Warhawk and others and hopefully will but:

Resistance: This is a title that I have played and enjoyed so I'm buyin it.
Lair: Frankly, Lair has been most anticipated PS3 game of 2007 before E3 07 and while it's getting so much bashing and negative reviews, I'm still a Factor 5 fan and love the game.

Zhuk4064d ago

you're going to disappoint yourself if you buy a PS3 and get Lair, spend the money on some decent PS2 games instead or get RFOM if you want an average shooter and Warhawk is probably the most fun on PS3 right now.

Choose your games wisely dont throw away your money.

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