Killzone 3 Destroys Reach And Black Ops

NextGN writes: "Microsoft, be afraid. Activision, be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Sony already have a handful of highly anticipated AAA titles announced for 2011. The only thing Xbox 360 gamers have is speculation and rumors to which games might be coming out next year. There’s no doubt in my mind that Gears of War 3 will blow us all away, but what more is there? Halo: Reach was definitely the Xbox 360′s hot-shot title this year and it’s very unfortunate for Microsoft – why? Because Killzone 3 towers above the Xbox 360 number one game. Oh, I forgot to mention that Killzone 3 eclipses Treyarch’s/Activision’s worldwide best selling game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Playing these games side by side one can really see how far ahead Killzone 3 really is – it’s knocking on the door of the next generation."

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I have to agree that Black ops is Sht

Halo is good but is gettin old after 8 years of playin (kindoff)

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I find it funny everyone hates Black Ops yet so many people after they are done here will go and play blackops. Sure blackops hasnt done anything innovative or exceptional, but it builds on the formula of great gameplay. To be honest, i dont care about how good a game is, unless i have people to play a game online with, i am not going to play it. A game is only as fun when you get to enjoy it with your friends. Right now everyone is playing blackops, sure the graphics arent too good and it has big problems on ps3, its the people i play with that makes it fun. Why do people to hate good games? /rant

Anyways, I really hope the new changes in KZ3 control scheme make a big improvement. Everything about KZ2 was amazing except the intentional controller "lag" or w/e.

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Damn, this article might cause a big argument between fanboys but it got me seriously pumped for Killzone 3

Game-ur4945d ago

I don’t know if Sony provides multi level single player previews for K3 just yet, and he's setting the bar too low by comparing it to COD.

Omega Archetype4945d ago

I love (sarcastically) articles like these. They say all kinds of stuff about a game before release, then when it comes out it doesn't perform like they say it's going to.

Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely loved KZ2 and I'm buying this day 1, however, it didn't perform as well as I feel it should and as well as people (like these) said it was going to.

So the only thing I can think that's going on is that this person/site wants hits and they're getting them, so mission accomplished.

Either way, Killzone 3 is going to be beastly, and ultimately that's what matters for gamers...but for the business companies, sales mean even more. So I do have hopes that it sells well, cause I'd love to see even more KZ!

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This guy.. Filthy Eskimo has contacts with Sony and was given access to review copies of several first party Sony games including Killzone 2. He is a trustwothy source in my opinion and this campaign preview just fills me with anticipation.

I truly believe Killzone 3 has room to encompass today's top shooters i.e. CoD and Halo. Perhaps it's not something the Xbox fanboys would believe, but it's certainly very possibile.

James Vanderbeek4945d ago

yea black ops is a hit or miss with me. sometimes i love it and sometimes i freaking hate it. i am playing on the ps3 so not sure the difference between the 360 version. but i see people petitioning that the ps3 one has more bugs or somethen.. all in all cod4 was the best in the series. hands down

mikeslemonade4945d ago

It's really no competition. It's a PS3 exclusive going against two games that have to be fitted on an already maxed out 360.

Shepherd 2144945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

Hmm. The guy who wrote this article seems like he'd be frustrating to talk to.

He still hasnt given me a good enough reason to like Killzone more than Halo, which is just my preference.

Halo has had nine years of refinement, while Killzone has only been around for six, and the first KZ was kind of a bust. Also to me, as far as artistic design goes, Killzone is a good example of why games like Uncharted 2 decided to be funny and put in the "Next Gen Filter" option to play around with.

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I hope after 8 yeats you would say the same for KZ too.

nveenio4945d ago

This article is bogus. If he'd actually played any of the game, he could have given out some minute detail. Obviously, he hasn't played any of it, and so this article was written for hits...probably trying to get up to that $100 minimum Google Adsense payout.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4945d ago

Bl Ops SP was severely lacking and the MP is buggy POS. Halo is old and dusty.

I've played both and can say without doubt that KZ3 is on different level as far as gameplay goes and the graphics are just insane.

The new king of FPS goes to KZ3 no question.

ExplosionSauce4945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

It's an opinion piece. People need to relax.

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You really ought to tell the government about that time machine of yours. They're going to end up getting it anyway.

But wait, you should already know that.

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Why sony fanboys hate all call of duty games!?!?!?

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OMG just reading this preview made me so friggin excited for this game!!!!!!

The beta was awesome, can't WAIT for the single player!

Ducky4945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

This qualifies as a preview?

EDIT: Heh. =)

SnuggleBandit4945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

Ya, it wasnt a full preview, you're right.

But it talked about it being "like sotc crossed with killzone" and having "topnotch graphics, spine chilling soundtrack, brilliant voice acting, precise and intuitive controls, and epic battle sequences. From all the levels that I have played so far it could easily be considered one of, if not, the best first person shooter game of all time."

You cannot call yourself a fan of the series if that did not get you excited....thats all i was tryin to say, i dont see why you had to call me out for saying it was a "preview".

Whoops that sotc bit was from a seperate article thats on the front page

NegativeCreepWA4945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

How is this going to get me excited when the guy hasn't even seen it for himself. He just wrote an article based on nothing, he had nothing to show at all. The funny thing is a pathetic article like this will be the most heated topic by the end of the day and it says nothing.

Ducky4945d ago

I wasn't really trying to call you out, just wondered what made it a preview.

It does list some things, true, but a preview is usually informative and objective. Judging by the tone in the whole article, I'm hesitant to accept it as such.

SnuggleBandit4945d ago

"How is this going to get me excited when the guy hasn't even seen it for himself."

How do you know what he has/hasnt seen?

He has an offscreen picture of the single player ffs!

NegativeCreepWA4945d ago

lol, I was actually right about this being the most heated topic. lol, wow.

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Debating the same shit almost everyday is getting boring..

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