The Invincible Bra & 9 More Ridiculous Realities of Games

GamesRadar writes:
We play games to take a break from reality, where power-ups and two-story tall bosses are sorely lacking. Of course, this means we often find ourselves doing all sorts of unrealistic things like leaping over buildings or gutting zombies with chainsaws. Maybe we need to take a break, because lately, we've been pondering some serious WTF conventions in games, the over-the-top ridiculous realities we accept as commonplace without batting an eye, and it's been keeping us up at night.

Metal lingerie makes great armor.
Dragons, demons, and beasts are powerless against the skimpy bikinis that barely cover lead ladies in RPGs. How these metal lingerie outfits protect you from catching a cold - let alone shield you from sharp blades and hostile spells - is simple. It's magic - the magic of marketing towards a mostly young male audience. But still, that doesn't stop us from wondering how our hooker plate mail manages to offer any more protection than a box of used condoms.

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MK_Red4061d ago

"Explosive barrels are abundant in high security areas."
This one is the worst case along with metal bra which almost every fantasy game girl character has.