9.5 gives Warhawk a 95%

"Just one...more...go." According to, Warhawk appeals to the socialized, quick thinking gamer who wants non-stop, elegantly produced, massively fast-paced video gaming fun.

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PS-Wii-604060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Warhawk is AAA-dictive.

Those of you who have played it know exactly what I mean (I can hear all the beta testers saying "I told ya so!")
Another review I read sums it up perfectly: "Warhawk has this great One-More-Game feeling."

Here's a nice screenshot:

grifter0244060d ago

Hmm pretty interesting story I didn't know you could ride in a jeep and stuff like that I thought it was only flying hmm you learn something new everyday when you dont shut your mind down because the game is on a different console then the one you have. I liked how he said to stop the debate between different games on diff consoles you should just play the games you want to play and leave it at that why do you have to go argue with someone that has a diff console its pathetic. But back on topic I would really like to play this game it seems pretty fun at first it looked like a half a$$ed game that had a shaky development cycle but it seemed to turn out pretty well would like to see if Ace can be this good since I've heard some pretty good things about that as well.

Torch4059d ago

Uh, yeah...that sums it up pretty accurately.

Oh God, I'm hurting for some sleep...

...uh..maybe after Just one...more...go. ;)

Siesser4059d ago

I learned last night that I really suck at Capture the Flagy :-)

Torch4059d ago

I can't one point I noticed that you'd managed to rack up a pretty decent amount of points.

Well, maybe it's just 'cause I made you look good. Believe it or not, it was my first ever CTF event EVER (for ANY video game). For some reason, I've always stuck to free-for-all deathmatches.

But after last night, that's going to change...CTF was a TOTAL blast!!!

Pleasant surprise seeing you jump in nonetheless...hopefully we'll hook up again soon (not tonight though...oncoming flu's forcing me to hit the sack early for a change.

Siesser4059d ago

During the beta, all I played was Team Death Match, but during a ranked game that was of various modes, I discoverd, and fell in love with Zones. That's nearly all I play now. That was my first CTF match too :)

jahcure4059d ago

I had to ask my girlfriend to take the game with her to work so that i won't come home and just sit playing it all day. It is mad addictive and i found myself going to bed at 4AM even when i say "this is my last game" at 12:30.

Get this game and be prepared to lose your sleep. It really is that good a title.

The Wood4059d ago

when she sees me playing it because she knows its gunna be a long session. she's really into games juts not me on warhawk right now