Microsoft debuts Extenders for Windows Media Center, adds DivX and XviD

So today Microsoft is announcing a reinvigorated Media Center Extender effort called... wait for it... Extenders for Windows Media Center. Ok, the name totally sucks, but the important part is Microsoft upgraded its wayward Extender system with a new version that takes full advantage of Vista (including live HDTV streaming), supports 802.11n, and adds something that really blew our mind: codecs we actually care about, namely XviD and DivX. Niveus, Linksys, and D-Link will all be launching new devices based on this software platform, so watch out for those -- as well as DVD players, TVs, and all manner of other home theater devices Microsoft is apparently trying to get this new system built right into. Unfortunately this new Extender rev isn't being announced for the Xbox 360 (yet), so we'll all have to wait a while longer before playing XviD and DivX movies on that thing -- without transcoding, anyway.

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Effects Guardian4060d ago

If this comes down to DivX support on the 360 soon then I'm all for it.

mighty_douche4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

all that money but they cant market stuff for sh1t :|

edit @ bladestar, dude i know your an uber fanboy but relax, i didnt say anything about your love interest, the xbox, this is software for a PC, and guess what i have a PC which WILL USE THIS, dont get your back up like an immature child, thamks for the reply by the way..... fanboys man, invading the pc section now...

oh! and if i wanted to be a fanboy i could bring up the fact that ps3 can run linux, and guess what linux support both of those codec's...... woooooooo....!!

edit 2: dude come on your one of the biggest fan boys for xbox on this site... and whats with "No one is talking about linux or windows... here"

oh, whats that headline say.... "Microsoft debuts Extenders for Windows", your totally right, no ones talking about windows.... noob...

BIadestarX4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

What would you sudgest? Omega-Ray? So they have to come up with a way to explain to people what the thing does...

The name does not sound like something taken from futoristic movie.. but sure as hell people don't have to ask or read what the product does.

They are actually Media Center extenders.. and as more stuff is added.. no new name is required for each feature.

uhhhh? No one is talking about consoles.. stick to the topic.. I asked you name would you sudgest and you went way off.. you think the same is studid... well.. what name do you sudgest? I mean.. someone that think something is not right.. obviously should have a solution.. right?

No one is talking about linux or windows... here... or what are you suggesting windows does not support these codecs?

bilal4060d ago

who thinks of such innovative names?

power0919994060d ago

Well if Media Center will support those codec's I supposed 360 support shouldn't be too far behind.

<Crosses fingers>

Nameless4060d ago

There is rumor of the Fall Update coming with Divx And Xvid support. So this might be the first step of this being a reality

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The story is too old to be commented.