PSP Slim firmware dumped in less than 24 hours after release?

Woo that was quick wasn't it? Something tells us that the PSP Slim & Lite isn't the disaster that hackers might have feared. Mathieulh has posted up an image of he contents of the kd folder in the flash0:/ of the Slim in response to some foolish individual that was doubting his confirmation that the the PSP Slim contained 66MB of NAND, double the original PSP.

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Silvia0074061d ago

Did sony think they can actually outwit these crazy mofo's...

LeShin4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

<sigh> so looks like more pirate games are gonna surface again. It's things like this that make devs like 2Kgames go to stupid measures to protect their profit margins when theye did what they did to the PC Bioshock release. Can't really blame them can you?