Sony Inadvertently Reveals Declining Blu-ray Sales

Sony lets its Blu-ray numbers slip show at CEDIA Expo 2007.

At the expo, Sony presented a series of slides and charts, including the one to the right (and bottom -- click to enlarge.) Sony intended to use the viewgraph to show off Blu-ray's sale superiority over HD DVD's. However, the viewgraph inadvertently reveals a trend that is particularly interesting. Pay attention to the viewgraph, and follow closely the blue and red lines. What do you see?

Sales for both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs have been on a declining trend since December -- just one month after PlayStation 3 launched. Both formats are trending downward -- with Blu-ray dropping more sharply than HD DVD.

Now, you can rationalize the decline as the standard post Christmas drop. But is it? The Christmas season is when consumers shop for electronics and big-ticket items, but movie purchases do not exactly fall into the "Christmas list item" category. A lot of people went out and bought PlayStation 3 and standalone HD players for Christmas. However, it seems that after the initial rush wore off, they lost interest in buying new movies for those players.

When you realize that additional Blu-ray players (or more appropriately, PlayStation 3) are continually being sold after Christmas, the dramatic drop in Blu-ray movie sales is even more troubling. As a new format is being adopted, it is supposed to see sales rising, not dropping.

As the viewgraph shows, Blu-ray (or HD DVD) is not winning the format war. Both formats are losing.

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the_round_peg4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Sony fanboys calling out Xbox fanboys.

the_round_peg4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

That viewgraph comes directly from Sony. It's Sony's numbers.

the_round_peg4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

There's been too much Blu-ray craps lately, so it's only fair to even the field a bit. It's all fair game.

And this "crap" or whatever you want to call it... comes directly from Sony.

barom4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Dude changed his opinion (post), so my post made no sense (not that it did much in the first place).

DJ4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Blu-ray's still in the lead.

tehcellownu4064d ago

blue ray will always be in the lead..hd dvd dead!!

Vip3r4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

"bladestar (1) - 0 minutes ago
power of Green (1) - 11 minutes ago
bloody diarrhea (1) - 18 minutes ago
The Round Peg (2) - 39 minutes ago
EliteGamer (2) - 43 minutes ago
Bloodmask (2) - 43 minutes ago

Aren't you guys the "what's Blu-rays got to do with gaming?" lot? Irony and ignorance at it's finest.

ktchong4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

This news is NOT about some specific movie title or player -- that kind of news is not acceptable. It's obviously NOT a marketing or PR articles. (i.e., "We are winning! We are the future! See how many movie titles we have! Come join us! You are loser if you don't join us") Those are really annoying.

Online marketing attempts = SPAM.

power of Green 4064d ago

I havn't said that for awhile Sony fanboys never stop posting this type of news.

plastixblue4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Im the what does HD-DVD vs BlueRay has to do with gaming guy...but as long as stuff like this gets approved,stories about BOTH should be approved.

vaan4064d ago

Right on Viper, great observation. You just name the whole 'gang' of the anti PS3 mob.

hazeblaze4064d ago

Yea, this doesn't seem very newsworthy... a chart of dvd sales would show the same thing. As would music or games. The charts peak around major releases and decline otherwise. The "downward trend" still is not as low as the lowest point on the charts, suggesting that sales have picked up since that point in the year.

Nice try though guys, either way, blu ray is still out in the lead b/w the two formats.

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BIadestarX4064d ago

I hope both formats die... but I will have more sastifaction when blu-ray go belly up.

aiphanes4064d ago

We all know HD-DVD is going to die first....its just a matter of time. The HD-DVD fools are trying so hard to live....

The PS3 will dominate in 2008 and so will bluray...Paramount will be back into the bluray camp in 18 months...Universal will be back way before then.

Bluray will assimilate all!

XxZxX4064d ago

and you will spend the rest of your life in disgruntled if Blu-Ray survived.

BIadestarX4064d ago

aiphanes - didn't you read what I said? I said.. I hope both formats die... so save yourself the lecture about HD DVD.. cause though I have an HD DVD I am all for digital distribution.. and digital distribution is owned by microsoft.. specially knowing that even Sony is taking part in it... distributing full games like warhawk.

hazeblaze4064d ago

The death of both blu ray and hd-dvd is not any good for gamers or consumers in general. DVD is not going to cut it for the next few years so we need a winner to emerge... the longer this battle wages, the worse it is for consumers.

DVD's suck compared to either blu ray or hd dvd... for practically every application: storage, gaming, video & sound, etc. I don't really care which one wins b/w the two, but one needs to go ahead and win. Personally I own way more blu rays and wish they would go ahead and seal the fate of hd-dvd.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4064d ago

You know how much of a hassle it would be if digital distribution was the only was to get your stuff?
Two major drawbacks

1. No one wants to spend a extra $100- $200 for more HDD space.

2. What of those who don't have a internet connection? Your basically cutting them off from getting any games or movies.

WilliamRLBaker4064d ago

@hazeblaze *checks another person that doesn't know a wit about hd dvd or blu ray when it comes to storage, gaming, sound, video..ect*

Arkham4063d ago

Sorry, Bladestar, but with the US's avg. download rate being .8Mbps or whatever it is, digital distribution is a *lot* further off that you might think. (Look it up. Even we (Canada) have a higher avg. rate.)

Nuh'gunna'happun, anytime soon.

Rooftrellen4063d ago

"The death of both blu ray and hd-dvd is not any good for gamers or consumers in general. DVD is not going to cut it for the next few years so we need a winner to emerge"

According to Sony, some games/movies have already pushed bluray near or right to its limit.

If that is true, we need both of the formats to die, because, even by the words of a major bluray supporter, it is not enough.

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Baba19064064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

games are coming anyway no mather what happens =D

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