Justify Your Platform, Gabe Newell - "PC is awesome"

Kotaku caught up with Gabe Newell at GC07 and made him justify the PC platform. How'd he do? The man could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. And the Kotaku staff is full of white gloves (though admittedly light on women).

Gabe Newell says:
- Best price performance of the CPUs
- All the consoles are using PC graphics
- Most mature internet platform

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Odion4064d ago

he speaks the truth no matter how hard the consoles try they'll never be as good as the PC

Daxx4064d ago

I agree, the PC is the best thing for top notch gaming but my wallet doesn't seem to think so, lol. :P

LeShin4064d ago

Agree with Dax. You must be rich or crazy (probably both :)) to keep up with PC gaming at it's highest level. Never doing PC gaming again, I'm strictly consoles this time round!

And Gabe.......Put...the...Twinkie s....down!!

Bolts4064d ago

Console is for wannabes and casual gamers. If you want to have the best and latest gaming tech along with mods the PC is the place to be. Think about it, the PC's tech turn is about twice per year. With Nvidia next GPU being released in November the technology in the 360 and PS3 will already be three or four generations behind.

LeShin4063d ago

@Fanboi Well if being a "Real Gamer" means wasting a hell of a lot of money on upgrades just to play the latest game, I'd rather be a errr....a "fake gamer" and spend my money on better things like my mortgage, my car, going out, clothes.....or just about anything else!

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ShiftyLookingCow4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

now thats Gabe, dont forget to check jutify your Kane video to know how Kane started all the mess in C&C universe

Arkham4064d ago

I've got a suitable PC, but if he can't grasp the difference between PC and console gaming experiences, he's just way out of whack. There's a time and place (and cost!) for each.

Maybe he's just uncomfortable with the idea of having to peel his ass off his chair and go to another room to play a console game. (That ketchup-popsicle reference was unfortunately relevant, methinks.)

I love this guy's sh1t--so to speak--but he has to stop talking out of his stomach's ass one of these days. Really.

LeShin4063d ago

lol! I totally agree with you Arkham. He must be rich to keep up with PC gaming.....he looks well fed :)