PS3 Gamercard Sites Merge

The two main PS3 Gamercard websites, and, have come together and merged to form one website/service. This new merger should allow them to further innovate and better serve the PlayStation 3 community on a wider scale.


This web site is now known as

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toughNAME4060d ago

Sony needs to get in on the gamercard biz

Ri0tSquad4060d ago

Sony gets with this so it gets updated from the psn.

gta_cb4060d ago

if they have this on the PS3, would it be like the XboxLIVE gamertags with achievements ect?

i would prefer it if it was like that. playing a game with friends just to get some achievements really does give it more replay value, and in personal experience has made the game a LOT more fun.

XxZxX4060d ago

i think it's coming. Mark rein's oopssy it.

LOFT3164060d ago

Not a bad site but the official one would be better but there's no point until home is up and running

N4GayFanturds4060d ago

It's more PS3 'gamercard' sites than 360! I wonder what else y'all really want?? Oh, I know! GAMES!

Mario184060d ago

We all know what you want Dragon"BALLS" Z downloadable on Xbox live. Redneck *cough

power0919994060d ago

... you to stop your lame fanboy comments all the time. Take a look at your life, and realize that giving your undying love to a console is only making you look like an ass.

I would also like if you could give it a rest, and make comments that actually help N4G's community instead of hindering it.

On Topic:

I will be more interested when Sony is more involved in this. It is not really needed, but nice to have none the less.

N4GayFanturds4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

SURE!! I'll do just that....soon as you get all your Sony [email protected] to do the same and heed your own advice.

Just admit the things you like about the 360-such as gamercards. Envy will get you nowhere.

power0919994060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

First things first: "heed your own advice".

Alright. Please do me the favor, and find any fanboy comments I have made on this site. If you want you can even look up my PSN name, and my Live account. I love both my consoles. So your attempt to call me out is a waste of time.


You are saying that when the Sony fanboys stop with the comments you will as well?

Nothing says I am a man like "I'll do it if you do it!".

How about you just stop your comments, and we will continue working on other fanboys after that. One step at a time buddy.

Maybe by this time next year N4G will have a thriving community of people who discuss video game news like adults.

Also "Just admit the things you like about the 360-such as gamercards. Envy will get you nowhere."

What does that even mean? Nobody ever said that people didn't envy gamercards. It is a cool feature. I just don't get the "Envy will get you nowhere". Seriously. If you insist on making comments like that, at least let them make sense.

You just make yourself out to look like an idiot.

EDIT: You fella's below arn't helping my cause :(.

Mario184060d ago

The only thing I like about the 360 is when people cry because it broke on them thats all

N4GayFanturds4060d ago

Guess you ain't a tru blu Sony [email protected] you'dve known what my "Envy" comment meant. But as you can clearly see from below your comments...and from the lop-sided stories and posts on this site; it is wayy more Sony biased. Hint: the reason why they had to re-do all the bubbles. So, on that note, as I stated, change them...first if you want to achieve a better site. I am one-they are many.

gta_cb4060d ago

well got to say that i completely agree with power091999
every other comment replying to #4 (and also #4 comment) was not needed.

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tplarkin74060d ago

How does the PS3 Gamercard work? Does it update from the PS3, or do you have to manually change the games listed?

gta_cb4060d ago

i THINK unless Sony gets involved you will have to manually change them, BUT i am not completely sure and obviously could be wrong, but unless Sony gets involved i dont know how the site would know what games you have played.

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