CVG previews Midnight Club: LA - Prettier than GTA, faster than Burnout

Graphically at least, Midnight Club: LA looks even better than GTA IV. Running on the same RAGE engine that powers all of Rockstar's next-gen games, the San Diego division has managed to create a free-roaming racer of such scale that... well, CVG can't quite believe it took them less than a few years to develop.

It looks like, bar any sort of knock-out competition from the new Burnout, this will be the Mid Club instalment to finally bring some recognition to the franchise - which its easily forgot is the publisher's second best selling IP behind GTA.

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Trick Nolte4113d ago

This look mad SWEET and seing as tho I'm from LA I cant wait to get my hands on this.

OmegaKulu4113d ago

ehh this is a joke right? GTA vs Midnight??? no $h1t it looks better, just think about the interactive elements in GTA vs Midnight on the same size disc, its a trade off.

Audiggity4113d ago

You would think CVG would know better than compare GTA and Midnight Club! Haha, one is a pure racing/arcade game, the other is a sandbox with full interactivity. If they could make GTA look as polished as a game that only needs to focus on one single aspect - they would be magicians.

As for it taking steam from Burnout, I like both series - but I liked Midnight Club 2 the best (multiplayer). MC3 was garbage... If this can bring them back I would be very happy.

Just seems like some really unfounded comments were made.

Audiggity4113d ago

Agreed! See my comment below!

MK_Red4113d ago

I like CVG But this game's NOT faster than Burnout! Nothing is (Burnout fanboyism rush!).

Ri0tSquad4113d ago

You went so fast it was almost impossible not to crash into something in less than 50 seconds. Lets hope this game isn't like that because playing like that wasn't a whole lot of fun.

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