Full Auto 2 Multiplayer Hands-On With Base Assault

Sega and Pseudo gave us a shot at some of the new multiplayer action in its combat-racing running on final PlayStation 3 hardware!

Pseudo and Sega promise there's plenty more information yet to reveal about Full Auto 2--they just aren't revealing it yet. We're talking about things like the events that will make up the revamped career mode, and how the game will utilize the PS3 controller's tilt functionality (which will purportedly be in a meaningful way). It's also worth noting that we played Full Auto 2's multiplayer on the actual PlayStation network platform, so apparently Sony already has its online gaming infrastructure up and running well ahead of the new system's release. Of course, we're just as curious as you are about how the PlayStation 3's first round of games will turn out, so stay tuned for more on Full Auto 2 and all of Sony's other launch titles in the coming months.

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GamerX25376d ago

The textures might be a little sharper and some of the effects a little more real, but visually the two games are pretty comparable. Performance was fairly fluid, though the frame rate bogged down some during intense moments. However, the developers are targeting a consistent 60 frames per second for