Digital Foundry: GT5 Prologue secret options revealed

Digital Foundry: "Hackers have revealed a button press code that allows access to a hidden, "special" options menu in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue that allows you to drive any car in the game and configure a number of other tweakables.

Mathieu Hervais, front man for the group that produced PSGroove, the open source version of PSJailbreak, revealed the code via Twitter."

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Krypto2880d ago

I guess they can't touch the new GT5....HAHA

Dee_912880d ago

this wouldve been nice

..last year
but now i have every car on prologue lol

UnSelf2880d ago

anyone else addicted to GT5?

saoco2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I AM!!! my wife hates that im playing GT5 and not girl loves playing COD. But, yea i'm planing to drive under the influence of HEINEKENS tonight i started at 2:00pm central.


Dnied2880d ago


I enjoy doing the same

saoco2880d ago

by the way if you have some extra cars that you are going to get rid of, send them my way i'll take any donations.
psn= saoco

jriquelme_paraguay2880d ago

lol... im from Paraguay, and my combo is G27, GT5, and first some Franziskaners, and then, Heinekens.

nycredude2880d ago

Everyone who wants a bad ass cockpit that is I guess kind of affordable check this out. I can't wait for mine!!

You can also use it for computer gaming.

Boody-Bandit2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Obutto is a nice set up. Very versatile. I know a couple people that have them and love them. This is the one at the top of my wish list.

hay2880d ago

@saoco: I acutally drive better under influence. Have fun!

I'm gonna get immersed soon also.

Oner2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

@ nycredude ~ +1

I have been rockin' an Obutto since GT5P and couldn't be happier! Check out my quick (albeit old) review here at -

<3 my Obutto Ozone v1! Especially now with GT5! Too bad I am in the Florida Keys on Vacay right now and can't enjoy it ;P...but I think will manage for a few days!

Here is an old short vid of it in my old apartment...

Hideo_Kojima2880d ago

I finished the Level 15 championship it was brutal for me...

But dude drink driving?
Not cool thats really dangerous if you crash you will waste money on repairs.

Theonik2880d ago

I disagree with promoting drink driving! Shame on you!
*I didn't give you a disagree

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doG_beLIEfs2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Edit....if hitting the disagree button makes you feel all will not stop me from playing GT5....go ahead and try....I

I have been addicted to the GT series ever since I played the Japan version back in 1997.....and let me tell you adjusting camber angles and other fun stuff was pretty difficult to figure out.

GT5 so the BEST in the series...I have barely scratched the surface of this monster....months later I will know for sure.

I like how I can race in Bspec while watching football....perfect for the amount of commercials in a football game.....coincides almost perfectly to commercial breaks with each race.

Going to my buddies tonight....he has had a version of the logitec wheel since GT2...and I am dying to play GT5 the way it is meant too....with a GT logitec wheel that has 900% rotation, force feedback and a motor that fights to center the wheel just like a real wheel does.

doG_beLIEfs2880d ago


I will be not only drinking...but smoking also...and I don't mean dirtsticks...aka cigarettes.

saoco2880d ago

well unfortunately i cant do that. im in the military.

mcstorm2880d ago

I agree with you it is the best gt game made but it dose take a little bit of getting into I'm now LV 10 and starting to enjoy the game alot more than when I first played it on Wednesday because it did not really seem to be worth the 6 year wait for gt 4.5 but once you get the beginning bit out of the way it is alot better and damage starts to happen on the cars Which in glad of.

Dose anyone on here not have any lag problems with other cars on the tracks when playing online? I have been on a few times now and all I seem to get is cars shacking from one side to the other but when I play other games on psn or live I don't have any lag problems.

Rage_S902880d ago

i played it for 24 hours the day i got it seriously i think i have a problem or is n4g proud of me and those gold licenses are impossible any1 got any tips

King-Leonidas2880d ago

lol they're impossible to get

Rage_S902880d ago

siver is hard enough gold is plain cruel

UnSelf2880d ago

i got one more gold left in S license. yea im an addict

Hideo_Kojima2880d ago

I am only trying to get Silvers...

I will leave Gold for another 6 months or a year when I am awesome at driving.

BYE2880d ago

I'm always like 0,2 seconds away from silver on the first try. Second try I usually get silver and then gold takes forever...

You just gotta keep trying. Don't think, just do it.

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GMWPS32880d ago

Yup, 2 nights so far, I've gone to bed aroung 4am and 5:30am. I haven't done that for a videogame since college. This game is addictive. I've already put in 24 hours of gaming within less than a week. I usually don't do that. Speaking of which this game is the best value for money considering the huge scale of what it offers!

BYE2880d ago

Oh yes, and I don't even have a wheel yet.

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SoapShoes2880d ago

Who cares about Prologue? GT5 is out! I kept Prologue as the value is now almost worthless and it wouldn't be worth it to me to trade it in.

karl2880d ago

OMG you are right..

i should have sold it a long time ago but i was to busy waiting for GT5...

i forgot =( damm it

Hideo_Kojima2880d ago

Give it away to a friend of yours for free get them addicted to GT...


Agreed. I will donate my copy to a charity or something. It's a human right to experience GT5.

kasasensei2880d ago


But late. A little.

djfullshred2880d ago

Haha, have fun hacking those obsolete games.

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