PS3: Really Exciting Market Developments Predicted In Coming Months

Rich Marty, vice president of New Business Development at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has been highlighting the importance of the PS3 in the Blu-ray campaign this week.

"PS3 is critical to the success of Blu-ray – it is a platform for at least the next 10 years and it's not some kind of short term solution," he explained.

"We predict some really exciting market developments around PlayStation in coming months.

Many of PS3's early adopters are more interested in games but the next wave will be much more interested in the platform's media centre capabilities. We saw this with PS2 and DVD where the console was integral to DVD's rapid establishment. We anticipate a similar reaction with PS3 and Blu-ray disc."

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nice_cuppa4064d ago

really .

in the future interesting things will happen.


i promise.

believe me.

you just wait and see.

no stop playing bioshock and listen to me.
come on its us.. Sony.
you believe us right.

oh yeah !

Mr PS34064d ago

Xbox owner=people who have very short attention spans aint that the reason why you bought an xbox

nice_cuppa4064d ago

i'm a gamer.
i go were the games are.

Playstation 2.Xbox.
Xbox 360. (had a ps3-sold it as i never used it.)

i plan on getting a ps3 again for mgs4 or ff13(whichever comes first)

i want to actually have products and services.

promises of things in the future mean very little to me.

i still own nes,snes,mastersystem,megadriv e,saturn,dreamcast,gamecube,Wii ,pc,ds and psp.

i'm a gamer.
i unfortunately hate the way Sony is able at brainwashing people with stuff like this.

if this stuff gets me to buy another ps3 then great.

but promises and predictions are going to get my goat and i will be forced to take the piss.

play games.
have fun.

Naruto4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

this is about market developments not GAMES

nice_cuppa4064d ago

well ?

is it because i mentioned bioshock ?

but in context to pay attention/stop what your doing.

not that bioshock is better than this information.

gerrard4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

you want games? then get a wii wii and shut up please. The whole point of what Sony is trying to do is to sell the Ps3 as a multi media entertainment system (that includes games), that was Sonys intention from the start. So if you stop bumming Bill Ga(y)tes and open your eyes you'll see what im talking about.

Meus Renaissance4064d ago

I'm tired of fanboys. They should all get their IP's banned from this site.

And yes, they'll be someone trying to be clever and suggesting I be banned because I'm supposedly a fanboy.

nice_cuppa4064d ago

the guy that posted this should be first.

this article is the perfect illustration of the blind fanboy.

RunamukK4064d ago

you know guys, Im a big gamer and bought the ps3 mainly for games only but i'll tell you I am really impressed with all the features the PS3 offers other than games. It really has turned out to be the centerpoint of my entertainment system. I play ALL of my dvd's and obviously bluray discs on it, plus all of my music when i have my little parties. If more people knew about everything it had to offer they would'nt critisize it so much. My 2 cents.

PS please don't hate on me. I love all videogames.

kn4064d ago

The average Joe Six Pack just buys his console to play games on and that is why Sony and Microsoft were hoping WASN'T the case. Build it and they will come hasn't exactly worked out for either party. In my opinion, consoles need to go back to doing just that -- being a gaming console. I hate integrated devices because invariably one of the integrated components doesn't interest me and therefore turns me off of the whole thing.

r10004064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

ohh no... how dare you RunamukK ....

I cannot believe you are saying this out loud... "liking the MULTI FUNCTIONALITY" of your ps3, uh.. hello don't you know your not supposed to that... and on top of it all, your impressed "with all the features the PS3 offers other than games."...

No no no sir, you must be some wierd, out of this world being to like all those things in one convenient unit... I'm sorry but it's just not adding up....

I wish they would take the ability to take pictures using my "CELL PHONE" out..

****OK ending sarcasm know****

kn4064d ago

r1000 -- I guess that was directed at me, eh? Nice retort and well thought out, too. The bottom line is that both Sony and MS (sony to a greater extent with BR) are trying to take over the complete living room experience... There are a hellava lot of people who don't want it. Get over it. By the same token, there are a lot of people who don't use the camera in their cell phone, either...

sticky doja4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

You know the 360 does all of those things as well, except of course blu-ray, and its $50 to $320 cheaper (depending on the SKU you buy of PS3/360). Plus the music player has a visualization program that is better than most anything I have seen on PC.

Oh yah, it also has a ton of killer apps that you can play today, and alot more on the way.

I love multimedia functions, but more than anything in a gaming console I love games.

@Smokey I got one of the new heatsinks (yes I have had to send mine back), plus about 2 1/2 years worth of warranty left (bought the $40 extra year) so I am not worried about it. And yes it is all about games games games, but as an afterthought you can handle all your media through it, if you so want.

SmokeyMcBear4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

yes, the ps3 and the media server functionality are in deed creating a home theater center experience. I actually have a nice little external hard drive that i use, but I guess I can be using my home network for my movies, but who wants to turn an extra computer on? I love the dvd decrypter/ps3 video 9 combo going. To date I have 67 movies on my external hdd. The local bradley video has a deal, 7 movies for 7 days for 7 bucks. So Every week 7 more movies get added to the list, well actually not every movie is able to be ripped, but still, its a nice little deal there. Having 70+ DVDs at the touch of a button is simply awesome.. man i love this gadget.

To stikcy, not to beat a dead horse, but 360 owners have that machine to play games, thats it.. thats all i keep on hearing.. games games games. Plus why would want to risk the machine playing something other than games. I mean cmon, you know the spotty history of the machine, you are only ticking away at the life clock on using it for something other than games. People might want games games games, but i look for options and reliability, not having to worry is a good thing.

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PimpHandHappy4064d ago

is the biggest hardware and entertainment company in the world. They where the first to have a dvd player play games that u could also get online with those games. This dvd player was called a PS2

Sony seems to have a good history of looking ahead and i think they are right on with blueray.

time will tell

but i trust those little Japs when it comes to hardware and the uses for it!

sticky doja4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

The PS2 was nothing compared to the Dreamcast as far as online goes. Dreamcast was the first system that came with an internet browser as well, and it came out 9/9/1999 in the states.

PS2 didn't have a 1st party online game until after Xbox.

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