Six Simpsons box arts, one happy Homer

Official box arts for the latest Simpsons video game, creatively titled The Simpsons Game, have been revealed by Electronic Arts. The game will be released on six different platforms this fall, and each system's box art has its own unique cover art.

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Depressed Mode4087d ago

Whats the deal with him only looking happy on the 360 box art?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

makes XBOX 360 it's first priority. Those were their own words.

These covers certaily idicate it's true.

Seriously, they more I look at it. Why is the 360 cover so different?

Sashy4087d ago

the DS cover most :D bunnies biting homer :D

AcidRhain4087d ago

the xbox360 cover isn't my favorite... but it'll probably be the best version. WooHoo for the 360, says Homer