PSN eclipsing XBLA for downloadable games?

Who would have seen it coming? Xbox Live's supremacy was a given, especially when PS Network launched with widespread doubts over its capabilities - both from consumers who were still sore from PS2's poor online service and from developers who couldn't implement online elements into launch games because Sony hadn't provided them with the tech details. But judging by recent examples, PS Network's looking good. In fact, its downloadable games are arguably much more ambitious than Xbox Live Arcade's.

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HeartlesskizZ4063d ago

U know!!! From personal xperience, Warhawk went from just a normal psn game or casual game to one of the top online games

pandabear4063d ago

I agree, I was on the fence over Warhawk and after reading the reviews decided to download it (still thinking this is a bit expensive for a download), then I played it and is one of the best games I have played - Well done and can't wait for SOCOM as that looks like a great download too.

MikeGdaGod4063d ago

when i had my 360 i didn't buy any of the XBLA games but i got a bunch of PSN games already.

probably because most of the PSN games are new games and not old retros.

i'm not really into the whole old-school gaming thing

tehcellownu4063d ago

PSN Downloads

1. Calling All Cars
2. Super Stardust HD
3. Gran Turismo HD
4. Pain
5. Echochrome
6. Snakeball (Aug. 9th)
7. Nucleus
8. Elefunk
9. Everyday Shooter
10. Toy Home
11. Ski
12. Aqua Vita
13. Operation Creature Feature
14. Trials of Topoq
15. Loco Roco
16. Parappa the rapper

XxZxX4063d ago

The best selling games before Warhawk in PSN is tekken 5 DR. I think it sold 100k. I read it somewhere

Ri0tSquad4063d ago

Has tons of remakes, remixes and some below average original games.

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felidae4063d ago

is there anything interesting on XBLA besides Geometry Wars?

tplarkin74063d ago

There are many games besides Geometry Wars. But I won't list them for you until you change your disgusting avatar.

i Shank u4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Alien Hominid, Assault Heroes, and Worms are the sh!t. worms online is mad fun.

i think your avatar is funny idontcare, cause ive been on N4g couple months now and i still cant figure what the fvck it is lol care to fill me in?

masterg4063d ago

@i Shank u

You can play those on PC or PS2 and probably somewhere else as well.

Rhezin4063d ago

come up with your own ideas, PISN.

power0919994063d ago

Didn't this whole online console thing start with Dreamcast?

So did MS steal the idea from Sega? Yes, and No.

MS saw it's potential, and improved upon it. As did Sony, and Nintendo.

It's typical business to copy ideas, and improve them.

monkey6024063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Hey Rhezin what's this Coolroom thing I hear of EH? STFU

spasticjustice4063d ago

this is something Microsoft definitely needs to look at. I have a load of xbox live arcade crap on my hard drive. I'd easily trade it all to have downloads like Tekken 5.

HeartlesskizZ4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

XBLA has pacma and that is a must have for me(I wish psn had it) =) other then that PSN should to have a new Metal Slug game for DL

Keowrath4063d ago

Both HK and JPN PSN's have Metal Slug games for download. Can't be sure which versions they are but I think JPN may even have MS:X

HeartlesskizZ4063d ago

really? where? jp psn or euro psn? i know NA psn dont have it.

Sssamba4063d ago

R O M.

Bonus word!: FREE

Keowrath4063d ago

HK has Metal Slug 1 by the looks of things. JPN has 1 and X from what I'm seeing.

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