Final PS3 Dev Kit and Menu Video

While visiting Sega of America for some hands-on time with Full Auto 2 on the PS3 today, 1up were given a chance to play around with a final PS3 development kit and captured it all on film.

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DJ5384d ago

Final Dev Kits! nothing really went on in the video, but it's reassuring to see functional hardware.

wotter5384d ago

Agreed, and according to sources, it's very quiet.

FordGTGuy5384d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if you could hear anything come out of something that big! Its almost as big as my stereo if its not bigger.

Atleast the 360 Dev Kit looks like a 360.

BTW the USB connecter looks easy to break, get dirty, and cheap.

richie007bond5384d ago

To be honest i think the ps3 is just getting old now,its not got that same exitement it had when it was first announced,all the delays and lies have just sapped my love for the ps3,the fact that sony has shown us lame demos and false promises its just not got that x factor anymore,hell it doesnt seem that cutting edge now.And the price dont get me started on that,all am saying i wont be rushing out to buy a basically half assed machine thats no more capable than the 360, and i for one dont think the ps3 launch games will be up to much compared to the next wave of stunning xbox 360 games.Until sony drops the price of the ps3 and gets some decent games ill prop buy one in a year or two,until then ill stick the the awesome 360 which i think is worth every penny.......

TheMART5384d ago

Haha that thing looks like a XBOX 1. Or maybe better, it looks like their old Betamax videoplayer. Great comparing to the BetaBluRay I guess.

And well 3 months before world wide launch only this that we saw of it? damn. I say that's no good. And the PS2 controller, well urm. For real Sony show us some ingame movies and good ones please. Haven't seen them yet and it's 3 months from launch! And were are the demopods in the shops, nobody could try the console out yet, why is that? And why the GPU spec's are 'secret' while everybody knows it's a Nvidia 7900? Scared to be compared with 360 GPU specs!

achira5384d ago

what did you see of the xbox360 last year at the same time ? nothing so dont bother us with your ignorance. and if the ps3 has a Nvidia 7900, than its far better than the xbox360 GPU, you noob.

Alexander5384d ago

Its funny that theyre using the same HDTV that the 360 was advertised with.

That box looks big, if you dropped it, it could cause MASSIVE DAMAGE - maybe they should include snap-out cables like the old Xbox, to stop devs hurting their tippy toes.

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The story is too old to be commented.