Nintendo denies Metroid Dread - Secret message in Prime 3 got us all excited for nothing

Nintendo and Retro Studio are messing with your minds, as Nintendo tells CVG it's not developing a 2D Metroid game, despite hints in the latest Wii game, Metroid Prime 3.

Rumours of a 2D Metroid for DS, entitled Metroid Dread, ran rife at E3 2005 with the game supposedly turning up on a leaked release list, and later turning up on 'insider' blogs.

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machine4150d ago

well, they should bring us something, damn it! at least they left MP3 open ended (with the exception of phazon) when you finish with 100%.

i know that we all have our favorite games. the metroid series is one of mine. i hope they continue with it eventually.

AcroMonolith4150d ago

I also hope there wil be more of Metroid. I know that it isn't meant to be a multiplayer game, but maybe they should consider comming out with an all out multiplayer Metroid game. I think that would be a great seller and be rediclulous amounts of fun. anyone else?