NBA Live 08 Demo Now Available, Impressions Inside

New demos seem to be a daily happening on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and today is no different. Sports fans can hop onto the Marketplace today and download a demo of NBA Live 08 (562 MB). After last year's absolutely atrocious outing, EA Sports really needed to release a solid demo to regain any semblance of confidence in the NBA Live brand.

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the greatest4059d ago

EA games are disappointing

toughNAME4059d ago

thats why theres a demo do you can try it out...

im sure the PS3 will get this demo in the next couple months

the greatest4054d ago

ill wait 4 2k8
it got 2 be better
than this sh!t

SDS Overfiend4059d ago

The sh1t is actually good people. i could'nt stomach 07 and 06 but EA redeem themselves this year with Madden and NOW THIS