28 new must-see Super Mario Galaxy screenshots

Nintendo unveiled a further 28 new Super Mario Galaxy screenshots at a Japanese press conference yesterday morning. The new stills are enough to put nearly every Nintendo Wii game so far to shame. Hey, even the Jenga-like blocks in one image look better than those in the actual upcoming Jenga game. Others show off the amazing array of colours on offer, whether it be the contrasts between blue sky and deep space or the variety of an area full of platforms.

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Keyser4086d ago

it's creative when it comes to Mario's differen enviroments.

Rooftrellen4087d ago

This game is beautiful. It's not the most realistic looking game, but its certainly prettier than they are.

I'm not sure why Mario needs 60 frams per second, but, heck, at least it shows off the Wii's power a bit.

XENOCIDE4087d ago

I'm pretty excited about this game even tho I only own a 360. Hopefully (somehow), I'll get to play it.

ChickeyCantor4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

tip of the iceberg( or something like that)

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rev204086d ago

hmm im still not sure ive never liked mario since it went 3D.

I used to love mario up till before then mario 3 was immense one of my favourite games maybe this will change my mind.